Master bathroom renovation reveal

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bathroom renovation

Happy Friday!  I am so excited to announce…My Master bathroom renovation reveal…definitely a gift to Mr. B and me!

It has been over three months of ups and downs…and I have struggled with patience.

But, the results are exactly what I wanted!

So, drumroll going forward…….


bathroom renovation

It all started here…with the p-trap under our shower.

I had no idea what a p-trap was…but I do now.  While using a snake, a plumber pushed too hard and destroyed the p-trap.

We have lived in an older custom built home for over 20 years and, as many of you know, we recently renovated the kitchen.

So, tackling the master bath at this time was not on our radar.  We knew it needed to be done and we desired it to be done…but financially had not prepared for it to come now.

Well, when the great p-trap caper occurred, since it was not our fault, we received insurance money to fix it and we also received a lot of friendly counsel that now was the time to renovate.


bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation

Here is the old design.  You do not see the carpet meeting the white tile, or the His/Her closets on either side or the small room of the main holding the toliet.

In order to be economically wise, we decided to make the original design look better but not necessarily change the layout completely.

One company pitched one large shower along that wall with a completely covered window.  That is the front of our house, so we needed to keep that in mind.

I also love to see the trees out the upper part of the window….I love how I can watch the seasons change in that little window…so much fun.

You are also looking at wallpaper…it is the original which came with the house….so that was a consideration with the painting.

But it is amazing how small tweaks make it seem larger and completely different.


bathroom renovation

I opted not to take some advice and go with a more modern design of black & white….for resale purposes.

The rest of my home is warm….French country….modern farmhouse…Tuscan…whatever you want to call it.

I plan to live here for a long time.  For me it was about what I like…and not what a future buyer would like.

In this day and age, you also have to make some occasional compromises. 

This is not the bathtub originally wanted, but we were told the only available in town…unless we wanted to wait a long time.

bathroom renovation

We did follow the advice given to take the flooring from the bath into the master bedroom…and glad we did.

Carpet is gone and floors renovated with this tile that resembles the look of wood planks.  Love it!

Also, on the other side of the shower pony wall is a built in shelf for shampoos, soaps, etc.

I have already written about how much I love the quartz counter top…it was a bold move but so glad Mr. B supported me to go for it!

bathroom renovation

I really struggled with the space between the mirrors.  I finally decided the floating shelves were more functional.

However, I also think a great piece of art would look so good there.  I still think that, but I am letting it go!

The little vase and ring holder were purchased on our recent trip to Fredericksburg and the vase is holding lavender.


bathroom renovation

I was excited when the wonderful people of Rugs Direct said they wanted to be a part of my renovation projects.

This is a bathroom rug that I like…because it does not look like a bathroom rug and adds a touch of “chic” to the project.

This is the Surya Lavable Runner.

bathroom renovation

This runner Is washable, and comes with a pad for the back.  It is treated on the bottom so that it will not slip.

Rugs Direct currently has a Warehouse Sale in progress and I do recommend them.  Free Shipping and a great product.


In this renovation reveal, I confess to spending hours on Amazon reading and putting the bronze accessories together.

Here are the links in case anyone is interested…I had a budget and stuck to it!


Shower accessory set

Kohler sink facet sets

Floating Shelves

Tub Faucet Set

Lights over the mirrors

Closet Lights

Main light with small ceiling fan

Door Handles

Towel Bar

Toliet Paper Holder & Towel Ring Set

 Knobs and Handles for Cabinets

bathroom renovation

Finally, the crowning glory…the accessory that protects the p-trap and captures my thick curly hair…..

The Lekeye Shower Stall Drain Protector!!

This weekend I will be organizing, re-organizing, and tossing stuff to move back in…will be so happy when everything is back into it’s place.

Thanks for allowing me to share my bathroom renovation reveal and to celebrate with me….hopefully….a return to order!

Any thoughts, questions or comments are welcome….see you tomorrow for Would You Wear It!  While I love it, there are somethings yet to be done on it that are small…but need to be done.


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: Rugs Direct donated the rug for this post, and the words about their product are my own.

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Renovation reveal


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