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current favorites

Happy Monday, everyone…ready to start a new week?  Today I want to mention a few of my current favorites.

This is an opportunity for me to show you what I love and what is working in just a few areas.

Of course, let’s begin with a little fashion talk and my current favorites for casual wear.


current favorites

I wrote about my new love for short kimonos the other day, and I have also become a huge fan of shorter cardigans.

That moves the shorter cardigan into my current favorites category.

I purchased this cardigan at JJIll near the beginning of fall…it sold out quickly, so I am glad I bought it when I tried it on at the store.

It is one of my current favorites because of fit; lighter weight and not too heavy for South Texas; and the color…which works well with my autumn palette colors wardrobe.

I like to toss it on for errand running…doctor’s appoints…you name it.

I thought it would be easy to put together a sideshow of shorter cardigans (that are affordable), but it took some time to locate these.

Most cardigans right now are longer…most likely for colder weather….but here is what I found…there are a few high end pieces here I thought you might like to see:

Also, I couldn’t put this Soft Luxe Cardigan from Banana Republic in the slide show, but it looks lovely.

Some of these might work for your current favorites list.  What is your preference on cardigan length?  Please share.


current favorites

When we went to a shower design with more glass than before, we desired a better way to clean the glass than before.

So, I read reviews and did my diligent research to discover:

Puomue Microfiber glass cleaning cloth

Hope’s Perfect Glass Clean

These now have the Mr. B seal of approval and are current favorites on our cleaning list.

One of you asked about it on Friday, so I wanted to may sure and share.


current favorites

So far, I have not changed my current favorites in skincare and still use all GENUCEL PRODUCTS twice a day.

You can read about GENUCEL.

Feel free to ask me any questions…just wanted you know that it remains on the current favorites list.

Thanks for stopping by today…this audience is amazing!  Have a wonderful week ahead….and…


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current favorites

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