Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

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Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

Happy November 1, everyone!  This week I will share with you some highlights from our road trip to Texas Wine Country!

Mr. B and I took a quick road trip to Texas Wine Country with the final destination one of my very favorite places….Fredericksburg!

All around that area there are well over 50 wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms.

Some day we plan to take one of the official bus tours to stop by several in a weekend and not have to worry about driving.

So, here are the highlights from our recent road trip.


Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

On day one of the road trip, I chose my Chico’s jeans, Chico’s elongated denim jacket in cream, a beautiful wool scarf gifted to me from a new brand here, and my new Old Navy tee.

I love the color of this Old Navy tee called Grand Canyon.  I have been wearing it often!

I topped it off with my Jambu ERIN Shoe…and I put a lot of mileage on that shoe this past weekend.  It is still very comfy.

I love the fit of this Chico’s Jacket….very flattering.  Here are a few more similar styles currently at Chico’s.

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I am standing in front of barrels from the Becker Winery which I believe is one of the prettiest properties in Texas Wine Country with delicious wine.

However this trip, we did visit one with an interesting point-of-view. 


Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

The Calais Winery does not have the stunning property of the previous one, but I liked what they taught us.

It is literally underground in a cave to keep the wine (and employees) cooled to a consistent temperature.

The owner is French winemaker Benjamin Calais who brought his knowledge from France to the Texas Wine Country.

The wines are very smooth and lovely.

For Calais, it is all about the wine and not any pomp & circumstance.

He is also the winemaker for The French Connection Winery up the road a bit.

The way he deals with Texas heat is to plant more vines in the higher levels of the state than actually on his properties as many do.

On this road trip to Texas Wine Country, it was interesting to hear from another type of winemaker.


Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

Mr. B & I decided to be bold and seek out a few new experiences on this road trip to Texas Wine Country.

I have walked by the Fredericksburg Library so many times and admired the building, but never gone in.

This time I did and so glad I did….I love the old world aesthetic and someday I plan to have time to sit there and read while enjoying the surroundings.


Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

Of course, Texas Wine Country is saturated in German heritage more than any other country.

Mr. B and I both love German food and always eat too much…but love each bit.

Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

Our first meal was enjoyed ….complete with German music…at Auslander.

Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

I have loved German Rueben Sandwiches since college and the german potatoes are excellent.

Mr. B enjoys a good German smoked sausage with the potatoes and sauerkraut ….served with a locally brewed Altstadt light beer.

Of course we shared an apple strudel….you have to have the strudel!

Remember, this is a fun road trip, everyone…..we set healthy eating aside for two days!

It was a great road trip to Texas Wine Country, and I will share more with you off and on through the week.


Road Trip

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I will be here tomorrow with the news and feel free to ask me anything about our Road Trip to Texas Wine Country.  Now……


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Road Trip to Texas Wine Country

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