Scamp Style, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:15am

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I was asked a couple of weeks ago what I wear to the market. Good question, not because going to the market is a big style opp per se, but it is something most of us must do.

The Eileen Fisher pants are for dinners out. In the house I wear sweatpants and sweatshirt. I have quite the collection by now. For exercise, i.e. walking fast with an audiobook playing in my ear, or doing various physical therapy squirming, I wear yoga tights. Occasionally those slip into my errands, but only because it’s that or no exercise for the day.

So to the market we go and it is in this moment, and really only here, that I wear jeans. Oh, also to move boxes of my parents’ old photos from place to place, escaping extreme storage temperatures, pending the time when my siblings and I might figure out what exactly to do with them. Anyway. Hi.

The only thing ihere that cost more than $100 are the sneakers. I invest in my feetsies. (Jeans: Levis on sale, Tee: Target (just have to go browse the aisles, always good colors), Sneakers: Veja, Earrings: Pearl Source)

Grocery shopping is utilitarian but I often (not always because at the end of the day the bin of russet potatoes doesn’t care) try to squeeze in a little burst of style. For example, here, my pearl earrings match my white sneakers. This brings me joy, and makes me feel like I am presenting my impish, occasionally elegant, oxymoronic self to the world. Or at least to the beets. The shirt, although it’s hard to tell because my mirror’s so dusty, is a gorgeous shade of marine blue.

I guess I often like to play with color. For example, an olive brown faux suede jacket from Target (I bought my usual small. Unless you like the baggy cropped silhouette, size down.) Discordant with the marine tee and blue denim, but, like, on purpose? Again. Gives me joy. I feel like the self I’m finally recovering after history and loss. A scamp.

Next week, my sweatpants/shirts collection? Have a wonderful weekend everyone. May the selves you present reflect the selves you dearly want to inhabit.

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