Take a moment to write….Dear Santa

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Dear Santa

Happy one week from Thanksgiving Day, everyone!   As we look to full blown holiday time, let’s take a moment and write our own….Dear Santa….

Yesterday, I shared a story about Dolly Parton and how she still writes “Dear Santa” every year.

As women, we are notorious for placing ourselves at the bottom of the blessings list.

Some of you, do not feel deserving or you do receive much more in the giving than in the receiving.

But, seriously get in a quiet place, and take a moment……..


Dear Santa

What does a “Dear Santa” letter look like for you?

Does it include a wish list of items?  

Does it include a wish list for family?

Of course, we are all aware of the reality of Santa Claus…thanks to that generous St. Nicholas and the legacy he left behind, Santa has become real in many different ways.

It was a legacy of giving and loving.  So, I believe a “Dear Santa” letter does not always need to focus on “stuff.”

This year, when the economy is in disarray, there may be items on your list that make you think….I wish.  Write it in your letter.

When we write something down, then it takes a special place in our minds and moves closer to actually happening.  

Also, I would love to know if there are deep needs you have…maybe someone here can help.

I consider this blog an audience of caring women.  

So, please write your letter below…and begin with Dear Santa…..


Dear Santa

I have one goal every holiday season and that is to share and spread JOY!

It is not a trite statement to me….however JOY can happen and become real, my goal is to share it in abundance with family, friends, and YOU!

Please let me know, how I can bring you joy over the next four weeks.


Dear Santa

This is just a reminder that I have made this pie,  Sally’s Great Pumpkin Pie Recipe.

It is excellent and definitely a hit with others….of course, the pie crust autumn leaves are my own decoration and fun to make with children.

I highly recommend it.

I also wanted to tell you that I took the opening picture today of a Santa at one of our local malls.  I took it years ago, but have always loved this picture…I think I use it every year.

He is a great Santa and reached in his letter bag at just the right time. 

Now, it is your turn…please write your letter below….Dear Santa….I would love to know what is on your heart this holiday season…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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