Thanksgiving Thoughts

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my U.S. readers who are celebrating, and happy Thursday to everyone else.

I know many of you are crazy busy today, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for your support. I’ve often said that you are the very best part of this blog. Every time you share your wisdom in a comment, you are helping this vibrant community grow. Your kind and helpful feedback to other readers make this a positive place to come and share ideas.

Social isolation and loneliness are a real part of getting older for many women. Connecting electronically may not be optimal, but for many, it can offer needed support and validation. When someone shares a hardship here, and others pipe in with support, my heart swells.

It’s not easy to be found in the sea of fashion blogs on the internet, so thank you for sharing my blog with ladies you think may enjoy it. Every time you share my posts on your Pinterest boards, you let others find my blog.

In case you’re curious, every time you read a blog post or shop through my links, you’re helping to support my small business, and I’m very appreciative.

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful day and Happy Holidays this season.



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