Why Worry About Holiday Weight Gain?

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The feasting season has begun! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year celebrations are upon us. How do we enjoy all the festivities of the season and focus on our family and friends rather than worry about gaining weight during the holidays?

I love this time of year!

It’s November, and my thoughts turn to planning our Thanksgiving dinner.  As I pull out my massive bag of favorite recipes, a nostalgic explosion of Thanksgiving dinner memories floods my heart.

Let’s focus on the planning and celebrate the comradery of gathering together rather than worrying about if we gain a pound or two. Kick self-shaming to the curb!  Put the scale away and establish realistic expectations for yourself.

Deprivation and gorging are out this year! Instead, create a healthy balance for yourself. Here are four easy tips to try to help you celebrate and FEEL GOOD all season: 

Tip #1 Seek out Healthy Food Recipes

Some of those old family recipes give me a huge, uncomfortable, bloated belly after dinner.  We don’t eat rich food the other ten months of the year. This year, I plan to explore new recipes that align with our everyday lifestyle.  In addition, I shall tweak some old family recipes to make them just a bit healthier.

Tip #2 Plan Your Meals and Snacks Ahead

While running around grocery shopping, gift shopping, & cooking – be sure to plan your meals.  Bring some healthy, filling snacks with you in the car. It is never good to be starving because you are more likely to grab junk food that only makes you tired and cranky.

Try not to show up to those holiday parties hungry, either! Instead, make yourself a snack before you leave for the party. This is helpful, especially if you are partaking in your favorite cocktail.

Tip #3 Watch Your Portion Size

Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite holiday foods.  Enjoy seconds of your favorite dish, then keep the other portions regular.

While attending those holiday parties, try not to stand right next to the buffet table. When offered seconds – you can explain that you are full – if you are.  Your host or hostess will not be insulted.

Tip #4 Limit Your Alcohol Intake

We all know that alcohol reduces our self-control and makes it way more likely that we are going to overeat and feel like sh-t the next day.

The goal this holiday season is to enjoy ourselves guilt-free, scale-free, with realistic expectations so that we can feel good throughout and after the holiday season.

My Motto:  Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN! 

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