Alembika unique style for unique women

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Alembika unique style

Happy Monday, ladies!  Today, I want to share more about this fun new brand and confirm that Alembika unique style is for unique women!

I first introduced you to Alembika in this post: Meet Alembika with a big sale.

Some of you, loved the brand and went crazy over it, and others?….not so much.

But, that is perfectly fine…we do not all wear all different types of fashion…we are each unique and today is more about the Alembika unique style.

With a savings code!!  For those who get it and love it.


Alembika unique style

So, to demonstrate the Alembeka unique style, we headed off to one of the most unique buildings in San Antonio, The (amazing) Hotel Emma.

The architecture of this hotel has won many awards, but I do know some who prefer a more sleek, modern look. 

For those who are like me, you cannot get enough time in the Emma.

Alembika Unique Style

The wonderful ladies of Alembika USA sent this look for me to try. 

The pants are super fun and Leigh Ann believes they would make a great evening out pant.

These are the signature Punto Pants which are available in many styles and colors.

I am wearing the Tekbika Pinstripe Punto Pants in a size 5 (remember I am a Misses 16).

They are fun to wear for those of us who like Alembika unique style and very comfy.

The jacket is the Dot Flocked Swing Jacket in Black.

Now, for the fun part for those unique women who love this brand.  Use the code PAMELA20 at checkout for 20% off.

Alembika unique style

I am honored to be featured this month on the Alembika blog.  



Alembika unique style

Alembika unique style is perfect for women living in a unique artisan city like San Antonio.

These Christmas Tree ornaments are designed by local artists and the city is saturated in art.

One of the things I love about it most.

Alembika Unique Style

Also, this month, I am quoted In another blog about our favorite places in San Antonio….no surprise as to what mine is.

Check out the Redfin Blog: What Locals Love about San Antonio.

Alembika unique style

The Alembika unique style is dedicated to the artisan, creative, live-out-of-the-box women.

Women who have fun with fashion and do not mind being noticed for it.

If that is you, don’t forget this unique brand…and my savings code at checkout: PAMELA20 for 20% off.

Thanks for joining me today with the Alembeka Unique Style and in my unique city1


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

Alembika unique style

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