Best Winter Coats for Every Type of Weather

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There’s nothing worse than styling a perfectly executed outfit just to have to hide it with a big, frumpy winter coat on your way out of the door! Since it’s coat weather in so many places right now, I thought you all would benefit from this guide of my favorite styles of winter coats, as well as the best places to shop for outwear. This list has a full round-up of the best winter coats for every type of weather (even those of you who reside in warmer climates like me). Lots of coats and jackets are currently on sale, so now is a wonderful time to pick up a new one!

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For Warm Weather Climates

Chico’s Long Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

You can find me wearing denim jackets all year long (except for in the hottest weather). They are durable, low-maintenance, and perfect for cooler weather. Recently, denim jacket silhouettes have been getting longer (like the one I’m wearing above), which is helpful for wearing over tunics and longer tops. You can’t go wrong with a classic one like this one from J. Crew. You can even add a little flare to your typical denim jacket by purchasing one like this pearl sleeve one from Chico’s or this one with a frayed hem.

Water Resistant Kate Spade Rain Jacket – Shop a similar look from Eddie Bauer.

Rain Jacket

If you live in a climate where it often rains, like Florida or the pacific Northwest, you should consider investing in a rain jacket. I love that it is lightweight and easy to carry if you need to take it off. A great rain jacket (like this one from LL Bean) offers protection from the elements while still being stylish! The one I’m wearing above is from Kate Spade and is no longer available, but here is a similar one from Eddie Bauer.

woman with umbrella in rain
Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life wearing a column of black underTalbots Modern Trench coat in pink
Talbots Cotton Trench: SOLD OUT SIMILAR HERE

Trench Coat

Every mature woman’s closet needs a classic trench coat! I have been wearing trench coats for 30 years, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. The longer length makes them ideal for layering over a dress, but I also love wearing them with pants! The key to a smart-looking trench is finding one with flattering seams and a belt that hits at the right spot on your torso. Since they are so timeless and classic, a good quality trench coat will last you for years and years. Both of the trench coats above are sold out, but this double breasted, tailored one from Ann Taylor is a great alternative. I also love this one from Amazon!

women wearing patterned blouse and faux suede jacket
Faux Suede Moto Jacket  (Similar Style)

Moto Jacket

Another great option for milder winter weather is a moto jacket! I really like the asymmetrical front-zip look that a lot of them offer, like this one from GUESS. Leather and faux leather moto jackets can sometimes have a hard look to them, which I avoid, so I like to try to find them in alternative materials.

The one I’m wearing above (now only available in navy) is super soft, ultra-suede, and it dials back the edginess because it lacks shine. You can find a similar neutral colored version here. I think it’s more elegant and softer looking than leather (faux or real) and its lack of shine is more flattering against most women’s complexion. This is a wool version if you love the cut and fit of a moto jacket, but aren’t a fan of suede or leather. I also really like this suede version I found that has exposed sherpa on the collar and sleeves!

Coats for Colder Weather Climates

haolgen textured faux fur on Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life
Halogen Faux Fur Jacket: SOLD OUT – Similar look from Kate Spade

Faux Fur Jacket

Faux fur jackets add a touch of glamour to any outfit. The downside is that fur adds visual weight to your torso. To combat this, I like looking for seaming to help slim it down, like the one I’m wearing above. That jacket is sold out, but check out this one that has the same diamond stitching that I love. Similarly, this textured faux fur jacket from Nordstrom has striped seaming, which aids in counteracting the bulkiness of the material. Buttons, hoods, and zippers make furry jackets and coats look more casual and sporty, like this more casual corded version.

Bernardo Ecoplume Walker Coat in Plus

Long Puffer Jacket

Puffer coats can make you look like a hot air balloon if they’re not designed well, and this one is. You’ve seen me wear it plenty of times. Most recently, I wore it on our trip to Lake Tahoe. This inner vest-looking section is a removable zip bib you could use for an extra layer of warmth or open the outer zipper as you warm up. You can also just unzip and remove those vest panels. If you’re looking for a more casual puffer, check out this gorgeous quilted option from J. Crew or this water-resistant belted one that’s on sale!

Land’s End Quilted Packable Down Coat

Packable Down Coat

If you live in a warmer location but find yourself traveling to a colder destination, then you know how annoying it is trying to pack a bulky winter coat into your luggage. Have you ever tried a packable down coat like this one from Land’s End? It is shockingly compact and folds to fit into the tiny travel bag, making it the ultimate space saver! Here’s another version from Bernardo that can be folded to be turned into a backpack, which would be great while out hiking or exploring.

Long Wool and Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Wool Coat

Wool Coats are one of those staple wardrobe pieces that seem to have been around since the dawn of time, and for good reason! They are classic, and warm, and finish off a look without competing too much with your outfit or accessories. You can find them in so many colors ,like this one from Calvin Klein that comes in 11 colors! It’s up to you if you’d like to choose a neutral tone or a brighter color that will pop a bit more in the dreary winter weather. It doesn’t get cold where I live very often; I like opting for an unlined version like this one. I also like wool mixed with other materials for a fresh take on the look, like the one I’m wearing above.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are not my go-to, but it wouldn’t be a true round-up without including them. I think they look so nice on other people, but I just don’t love them on myself. A classic leather jacket like this one from Nordstrom is something you will be able to reach for in your closet for years and years because the style has stood the test of time over the last several decades. If you want to do a twist on the traditional leather jacket, I do love the look of this faux quilted one from Chico’s as well the length and cut of this elongated version.

My Favorite Places to Shop for Coats

Shop More of the Best Winter Coats for Every Type of Weather Here:

Is it cold where you live? Do you have a favorite place to shop for outerwear? Let me know in the comments!



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