Comfy holiday preparations wear + a recipe

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comfy wear

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today, I am sharing my comfy, holiday, preparation wear as I work hard to get ready for the weekend plus a recipe!

My comfy wear always includes my favorite Santa Hat.

I was gifted this hat when I was teaching high school journalism and it is still my favorite.  I wear it often during this week.

Comfort is so important when I am spending time bent over to wrap gifts or cooking.

So, with comfy wear in mind, let’s dive into a few more thoughts on my preparations for the week.


comfy wear

My comfy wear is styled to be a bit whimsical with the colors.

I am wearing the St. John’s Bay V Neck tee which comes in 18 colors.

I know several of you have also purchased these through my links and I still think it is such a great buy.

I am glad I picked up several different colors and I wear them often…cannot beat the cost and the quality for this comfy wear.

The long red vest is old.   But it is also very comfy wear and I like that it has pockets…when I am in preparations mode, I can always use pockets.

It has become larger…but I am not complaining about that!

The pants are my favorite Chico’s denim pull on jeggings….you know I wear these often.

The shoes have been in my wardrobe for some time and I liked that they popped a touch of fun to this comfy wear.


comfy wear

As I begin to cook, I will remove the vest and reach for one of my Christmas aprons…love the three that I own.

Since I collect snowmen, I was gifted an apron with a snowman…it is lots of fun for me.

I plan today, to be working on this dessert sent over from Leigh Ann.

She prepared it last week for a holiday dinner and it was a hit.

comfy wear

She adapted this recipe for a Cherry Cheesecake Gingerbread Trifle into individual servings.

For the gingerbread, she used the boxed cake from Krusteaz, and cut it into cubes.

Since she shared it with me, I have wanted to make it.


comfy wear

I noticed in Leigh Ann’s pictures that she was already using her Christmas dishes.

Something I am doing today in my comfy wear is to take mine out of my china cabinet.

These are not fine china….but I love to use them just to make the meals special.

comfy wear

This was last year’s table setting. 

We have a big family, but this is the one time I do not pull out paper plates.

I want it to be a special meal and I believe nice dishes, no matter what you paid for them, say that.

My little Christmas wine glasses were actually thrifted at Goodwill San Antonio. 

Christmas dinnerware is something good to purchase on clearance after Christmas and put away to use the next year.

So, this is why I am adorned today in comfy wear…so much still to be done…but I guess you can tell that I love it all.


Christmas preparations

My granddaughter went to a “spa” party last week for her friends…kind of wish I was there!

This picture just makes me smile. 

Thanks for joining in for comfy holiday preparations wear…please share any thoughts or questions!   Yes, Today’s News will be here tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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comfy wear

Photo taken at Dillard’s



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