Daily Looks: Week Ending 12.2.22

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Isn’t this the time of year for faux fur and bling?? Although I do believe bling is appropriate all year long, it’s no secret that sequins and sparkles get a ton of press for the holidays.
And ever since buying my first faux fur vest at Sam’s Warehouse over 12 years ago, I have loved incorporating it into my winter looks.

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Dress: Mom made it~~Cardigan: Forever 21-Goodwill~~Boots: Donald Pliner-thrifted

Let’s play find the kitty. I didn’t even notice her until I took the photo, LOL!

I was trying to choose a bright-colored item for the day, but the dress is sleeveless so I added a micro cardigan over it. Which muted the color a tad, but I like how it turned out.

The faux fur collar is one of my faves because it has a barette-like clip on it to keep it together. Then I added a huge bling pin to it for decoration.

The hat is because I was off for a massage, and then the bronze boots to keep me warm.


Jeans: from Naomi & Ruth~~”Duster“: Cabi from Composite boutique~~Shoes: Converse-thrifted

Why only wear a coat outside? We wear leather jackets as part of our outfit. So I decided to wear this Cabi coat I found on our thrifting adventure this weekend over a column of ivory.

The jeans are a wide-leg pair and the turtleneck has lace edging to give the look more texture.

I added a bright lime green beret and lime green sneakers (although they aren’t as bright as the beret, are they?)

The thing hanging from my belt loop is a necklace that I bought a couple of years ago. It’s tulle but I found it’s too scratchy against my skin. So I usually wear it over a sweater. But today I thought I’d add it as beltloop decoration.

BTW, the shop I bought this jacket from does have a couple of things for sale online or you can see items on her Instagram page.


Shorts: from Fashom~~Vest: Miss me-thrifted ~~Boots: Macys

Well, since I couldn’t incorporate bright colors today, I added in shearling and faux fur. I am the hugest sucker for faux fur this time of year.

And this pair of shorts isn’t one that I would normally wear in winter (they are linen) but since I just received them in my Fashom box, I decided to try them. I’m wearing fleece-lined tights made to look sheer (found on Amazon) along with my OTK boots.

Then the sweatshirt is a hoodie (just like we showcased in ways to dress up hoodies) and I’m even wearing a shirt under it. Trust me, I know how to layer to keep warm after living in Denver.

I tried to add some brightness with my turquoise accents (earrings, glasses, bracelet, and ring). You saw a close-up of this look in my daily email.


Jeans: Pilcro-Goodwill~~Vest: Gordmans~~Shoes: NewBella-won in a giveaway

I was inspired by my friend, Mireille’s outfit for this one. You can see her look at the end of this post under Mini Golf and Print Mixing. Now it was cooler here so I added a faux fur vest.

The vest also helped with the proportions since the striped top is basically tunic length.

Do you like the sheep pin? I am trying to remember to keep wearing my brooches when I can.

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I am also being the boss of my clothes. This top is a cowl neck, but I didn’t want my t-shirt underneath to show. So I safety pinned it tighter in the back. You can’t see it because the vest covers it.

And these loafers are a pair I won from NewBella. I’ve been happily surprised at the comfort of the 2 pairs of shoes I won. Definitely not like my Walking Cradles shoes, but better than a lot of other ones I’ve had in the past.


Dress: BGBGeneration~~Sweatshirt: thrifted ~~Boots: Embassy London-won in a giveaway

This is the dress that I discovered as the perfect airplane outfit-discussed here. Since it’s sleeveless, I decided to layer a sweatshirt over it.
There was a lot of modification to this outfit.

Since neither the black of the dress nor the grey of the sweatshirt is a fabulous color for my complexion, I played around by adding a scarf. This was my 6th attempt with scarves from my collection, and I love it. In all reality, this “scarf” is supposed to be a “hat”. At least I think so, and that’s how I’ve worn it in the past.

The sweatshirt was a tad long to look right proportion-wise, so I tacked up the front panels with my Maggie’s Snaps magnets (found on Amazon).

Luckily, it wasn’t super cold, so I wore my teal combat boots without tights.

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