Here’s When Every Episode of 1923, the Yellowstone Prequel Series, Comes Out

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At first, we thought we might be getting a Season 2 of 1883—the Yellowstone prequel series that saw family patriarch James Dutton (Tim McGraw) cross the Oregon Trail with his wife, Margaret (Faith Hill), daughter, Isabel, and young son, John.

Well, we are getting a sequel, although it won’t include much of 1883’s cast. Instead, we’re pushing the family saga forward by forty years to 1923, which is also the name of the series. 1923 finds the Dutton family settled in Montana and facing the hardships of frontier life. Also: Prohibition. And: the Great Depression.

A little family tree exposition. … James Dutton is dead. (In a recent Yellowstone episode, we see his grave marked with the date 1893. So he only made it ten years after settling the Yellowstone.) His son, John Dutton Sr. (James Badge Dale), that little guy on the Oregon Trail in 1883, is now in his forties. John is the great grandfather of the other John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. It appears 1923 will focus on the relationship between John Dutton Sr. and his uncle, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford), James Dutton’s brother and current head of the Yellowstone ranch. (We guess James left it to his brother and not his son?)

Rounding out the men is John Dutton Sr.’s son, Jack Dutton (Darren Mann), modern day John Dutton’s grandfather, and Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar), John Dutton Sr.’s brother. (He was not yet born during 1883.) Make sense? (Here’s a nice family tree, if it don’t.)

Anyway, those are the patriarchs. Dutton matriarchs this season include Jacob’s wife, Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren), and John Sr.’s wife, Emma Dutton (Marley Shelton).

Now that the lineage is all cleared up, here’s when you’ll be able to catch each episode of the new Dutton saga.

1923 release schedule


When does the next episode of 1923 come out?

The series premieres Sunday, December 18 on Paramount +. Episodes will come out each Sunday at 3:00 A.M. ET on the streaming app.

How many episodes are there in 1923?

Season 1, rumored to be the first of two seasons, is expected to run for 8 episodes.

Here’s the complete release schedule for 1923:

Episodes release on Sundays at 3:00 A.M ET.

Episode 1: December 18

Episode 2: January 1

Episode 3: January 8

Episode 4: January 15

Episode 5: January 22

Episode 6: January 29

Episode 7: February 5

Episode 8: February 12

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