How to discover joy

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discover joy

It’s Christmas weekend!  And I want to complete the holiday and share with some of you how to discover joy.

I discovered true joy when I was 25 years old and over the years learned the difference between happiness and joy.

Up to that point, I had attended regular church services, but one day I discovered God was more than a service.

My path to discover joy had been a rocky one up to that day.

I do not always feel happy and this past year there were too many days I did not feel it.

However, joy never leaves me.

In today’s world, depression is up…suicides are up…drug usage is up…and as the world pushes Jesus aside,  joy is lost.

One of my personal missions, is to share with as many as will listen there is always joy.


discover joy

I am not a religious person and actually am not into “religion” at all.

I do have a real, live, thriving relationship with the baby we celebrate this weekend…Jesus.

It is that relationship that fuels my joy.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt…He exists and is alive right now.

I know God was with me when I was attacked last May.

The attacker terrified me but did not steal my joy.

God and His Almighty Spirit was right there, and, miraculously turned the man away.

During my illness this past fall, God was there…He once again saw me through.

During my grandson’s illness, He was there.

I pray continually …over everything.  

I know in this world I will face tribulation, but Praise God, He has come to overcome the world.

As I watch so many romantic Christmas movies this time of year, I am reminded that the greatest love story of all is between us and God.

discover joy

So, on this Christmas weekend, I pray you will come to know the Savior of the World and understand that joy is always there for you.

It grows as we grow to know Him and trust Him and His Word.

If you have doubts, just look up and ask God, the Father, to show you He is real.  He will.

Please feel free to email me or reach out if you ever want to discuss Jesus and how to discover joy.

discover joy

I will be taking a few days off from the blog until early next week

No matter what you celebrate…enjoy your weekend immensely.

I hope to return with new inspiration for the year ahead….lots of fashion fun too.

I love everyone in this audience…


By Pamela Lutrell

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