Minimalism +/-, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:30am

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Time to think about clothes for Christmas. Only me?

In any case, back in the early 90s I bought a dark brown columnar silk and rayon velvet dress by Harriet Selwyn. Still have it. Still fits, mas o meno. I’ve been wanting to wear it again, but it had ripped in the back. I had it mended. Brilliant!

And I really wanted to wear these gold boots avec. (Yes, we are mixing our Romance languages, and why not, we might ask?) Minimal with a hit of kapow.

But, when I retrieved the dress from the seamstress and tried it on with the shoes, nope. Boo. They were even on sale.

The boots are just not fine enough, if that makes sense. The ankle is too thick, the gold a leeeeetle too pale, and the zipper/leather a tad crude. In sum, great for jeans, not so great for a minimalist evening outfit where every detail has to sing. Even an outfit that will be worn with family, inside, warm, and probably in the end with ridiculous fuzzy socks.

I was sorely tempted by these, but my size is sold out.


Just as well. $400 for something I might wear three times is probably overkill. (But the pearls, says an inner voice. But your toes, wisdom replies.)

So I’m thinking I’ll aim for a deeply neutral minimalism. I own these heels already and I like them. (From NEOUS, no longer available, but it’s a cool brand.) They are even wearable, as long as we’re walking from closet to living room and back.

And, doubling down on minimalism, oxymoron though that may be, I think I’ll add a pair of platinum bead drop earrings. Ta-very-quietly whispered-da(!)

Probably with a muted fuchsia lipstick/lip pencil/lipstick combo. Also clean hair.

Have a wonderful weekend, and may all your parentheses be fun.

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