Monday Musings – New Hairdo and Hobby

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Happy Monday, ladies. This week’s ramblings are, as usual, personal and all over the map. There’s some navel-gazing with a small amount of whining and other sundry things that are on my mind.


I don’t think I shared this outfit that I wore in Lake Tahoe over Thanksgiving. If I did, here’s your second look :)Fair Isles are synonymous with winter style, and I was anxious to get another opportunity to wear this dress. My fair isle sweater dress is from last year, but they have one almost identical dress this year. This dress from Talbots is also similar but without the pattern on the bottom, which would make you look taller. The cashmere scarf- similar here was a surprise and lovely gift from Talbots several years ago. My boots are eons old, but black riding boots don’t change much over the years. The velvet leggings are a toasty alternative to opaque tights I love to wear all winter long.


I’m also wearing three of these pearl necklaces around my wrist as a bracelet. I love their easy on/off magnetic closure that I simply attached end-to-end, then wrapped around my wrist. Remember, you can save 15% off sitewide with the code AWSL at checkout, and they have free US shipping. 

I don’t know about you, but my teeth are a train wreck, and the older I get, the bigger the problems become. I needed braces as a kid but didn’t get them. I’m dealing with a crossbite, plus I grind my teeth, so I have lots of chipped teeth and now cracked crowns. I tried braces last year, but I have two implants that were not a good mix with braces, so that didn’t work. I spent five hours in the dentist’s chair last week, and there will be many more visits before calm and relative order is restored in my mouth 🙂 I drive two hours each way to see my old dentist because I trust him with my teeth…call me crazy, but there you have it. Whining over…I’m lucky to have the teeth I do 🙂

I got a new ‘do last week, and it’s taking some time for me to get used to it. My hair has gotten so thin that my stylist and I agreed it was time to grow out my layers and go a bit shorter. The result looks dangerously like a bob. I say dangerously because bobs feel so expected on a woman with fine, thin hair, and I’d prefer a more unique style.

It’s the best haircut for my current hair, but I don’t care for the look, so it’s time to get a little creative with how I style it. She suggested a paste at the roots, which I’m game to try. As a funny aside, my stylist mentioned my color looked different than she remembered. I told her it’s just gotten older and grayer. She thinks I’m overdoing the purple shampoo, so it’s likely a combo of the two. At any rate, it’s not as silver as I want, so I’m a bit frustrated by it. BTW- this photo makes it look blonder than it is in person.

Taking up an old hobby

On our way to Lake Tahoe last week, we stopped for lunch and some window shopping in Truckee. As we strolled the main street, a store window stopped me cold…I mean, dead stop and stare. There were a few balls of yarn, knitting needles, and a handknit wrap in the window. I had to go in.

My mom taught me to knit at 14, and I became an obsessive knitter for 45+ years. I never went anywhere without a project and often knit for 8+ hours daily. I made myself and my family tons of sweaters, hats, afghans, etc. I’m not sure when I stopped, but I think it was when AWSL became more than a full-time job. Rather than occupying my spare time with knitting, I began spending my time creating content for social media, editing photos, or writing blog posts. Arthritis in my hands began getting worse, and I wondered if it was because of all the knitting I’d done.

Whatever the reason, I stopped knitting cold and never looked back…until that shop window drew me in. It pained me to buy knitting needles because I have multiples of every size imaginable at home. We would be at the Lake for three days, and I had to start knitting right then, so I bought the needles to do it.

My rusty skills took several attempts to fire back up, but once they did, I felt the old obsession take over. Knitting is a form of meditation for me. The repetitive motion and stitch counting are both monotonous and soothing. The kit I bought is not my favorite pattern, yarn weight, or color, but that’s not the point. The process is the point for me, and I’m delighted to have taken up this old hobby again.

What hobbies have you let go of that you might want to get back to now?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to wear what makes you feel confident.



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