My best day in 2022…what was yours?

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best day in 2022

Happy December 30 to all!  Today, I want us all to think about what our best day in 2022 was… for me and you!

This past week, my son-in-law went around the dinner table and ask each family member…What was your best day in 2022?

For me, after a year of literal ups and downs, it was good to change my focus to the best day!

I loved my nine-year-old grandsons response, when he answered…You mean other than right now?

How cute it that?…celebrating the Christmas holiday together this year has been very special.

Without hesitation, I will tell you my best day in 2022, and in the comments, I would love to hear yours.


best day in 2022

In late April, my entire family went to the Frio River to celebrate my youngest son turning 30.

It was actually over an incredible two days where we all stayed together in one rented condo and had so much fun in Concan, Texas.

The grandchildren loved celebrating Uncle Josh!  Weather was perfect…food great…lots of activities.

That time will forever be a special memory to me.

best day in 2022

Uncle Josh may also own the best day in 2023, because he is marrying his best friend ….also in springtime.

We are thrilled to welcome this young lady into our family…she is a special one!

Again, I love the idea of leaving a somewhat challenging year with a smile and abundant joy. 

There were many blessings in 2022 and they should be at the front …not the rear.

best day in 2022


best day in 2022

As you can see, I did try many new recipes in 2022 and have enjoyed being able to share them with you!

This Eggnog Bundt Cake from the Cozy Plum was a Christmas hit and with the right bundt pan looks lovely.

As you can see, I glazed mine too quickly without allowing the cake to fully cool…I can see where the thicker glaze works better.

But, this was good anyway…when I make it again… I will be more patient.

best day in 2022

I also made a new ham glaze and had to share it…so good.

Put a whole jar of Peach Preserves in a saucepan, 1/2 cup of pineapple juice, the juice from the maraschino cherries, and one half cup of brown sugar.

Fully glaze the ham…and the juice is excellent on rice.

I do believe my favorite recipe from 2022 will be the Peppermint Butter Cookies. And I am so glad to hear reports that some of you loved this recipe too.


best day in 2022

My best blog days in 2022 are by far shopping for you with my BFF, Leigh Ann.

I hope we have many more of these undercover dressing room adventures for you next year.

The Shopping with Leigh & Me; Today’s News for Women over 50; and Sunday Mornings at home are the top read posts each month on this blog!

Now it is your turn…what was your best day in 2022?

We would love to hear and celebrate with you….

Tomorrow is back to Would You Wear It with my friend, Jennifer….and make sure throughout this holiday weekend that you stay warm, safe and …..


By Pamela Lutrell

By Pamela Lutrell

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best day in 2022

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