Noah Centineo Says He’s the ‘Anti-Tom Cruise’ in The Recruit

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After playing a teen heartthrob in movies like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and The Perfect Date, and a superhero in the supporting cast of this year’s Black Adam, Noah Centineo is now taking on a leading role in The Recruit, an espionage thriller series in which he portrays a lawyer who is hired by the CIA and immediately becomes drawn into a web of conspiracy.

So far, so standard. This is the kind of ground that every actor covers at some point in their career, but Centineo claims his take on the character is unlike the other suave archetypes that we’ve become accustomed to seeing in other spy stories.

“We’ve seen the spy genre explored hundreds and hundreds of times before,” he said in a recent appearance on Today. “But this is the first time that you’ve seen it from somebody who has literally just graduated college and it’s their second day on the job.”

“I also like to say that I’m the anti-Tom Cruise,” he added, referring to Cruise’s penchant for performing all of his own stunts, no matter how extreme.

“I had a stunt double named Kenny, and Kenny was the greatest person on the planet,” he continued. “Kenny actually looked way too cool, because what I love about Owen Hendricks, my character, is he’s not trained to kill, definitely not licensed to kill, and he chose to become a lawyer because he thought that was the safe option, and he was so wrong. So when he finds himself in these life-or-death situations, he looks like a fool, because he has no idea how to handle himself except for just to run and be scared.”

The Recruit is now streaming on Netflix.

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