Over 50: Dare to be memorable

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Over 50: Dare to be memorable

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Today I would like to encourage all ladies over 50 to dare to be memorable.

Today, I invite you into my home as I work on my Christmas decorating…and to make a point….stick with me until the end.

Readers often comment that they do not dare to be memorable and that is why they avoid certain styles.

But, I would like to encourage all of you over 50 to dare to be memorable and give you some points to think about.

Consider these ideas….


Over 50: Dare to be memorable

My first point on how we dare to be memorable begins with our insides…our warm hearts.

We should all desire to be remembered in this life and the next for kindness, joy, hospitality, servant’s heart, and laughter.

Those are the traits of confident , strong, dignified women.

It is an honor for anyone to be remembered for their character on the inside.

Next, a confident woman knows what she wants to speak with her outside style and that bold confidence helps her dare to be memorable.


Over 50: dare to be memorable

My second point is to acknowledge that life is short and we pass this way once.

I do not want to shrink in the background over 50, but more than ever dare to be memorable.

It does not bother me at all if anyone remembers me as that woman who always looked vibrant, fun and creative.

Or to be remembered as the one who stood out wearing a particular garment (she often wore that amazing kimono) or for accessories.

I believe when we wear pieces we are confident wearing and those pieces speak what we want to say about us….that we are radiant…and that is a great memory.

Over 50: dare to be memorable

Let me be clear, I am not advocating for you to dress like me or wear clothing that I call out-loud clothes.

You can be memorable fondly in classic, Jackie O, great style.  Think of how we remember Jackie or Audrey Hepburn.

The key is to decide what you want to say about you with your wardrobe and then dare to wear it.

If you are someone, like me who loves a little out-loud fashion and loves accessories, do not stay away from them because they might be memorable.

I want all of my wardrobe to boldly speak that I am creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current.

In fact, dare to be memorable…own it.


Over 50: Dare to be memorable

As I said, when I was decorating the house for Christmas and thinking of this post, I smiled and believe that it relates.

I dare to be memorable with my Christmas decorating, but by my family alone.

The decorations are almost always the same year to year…but I am building traditions, family history, and legacies with Christmas.

I am not decorating for anyone else…not Instagram, Facebook…no one else, but for my family and our heritage.

Over 50: Dare to be memorable

My decorations are founded on Nativity Scenes, a snowman collection, vintage Santas, decorations handed down through the family and lots of trees, big and small.

And, of course…the word JOY!

The tree at the top is the “real” tree and in our front room is the tall Balsam Hill tree I was gifted a few years ago.

I always smile when a family member comments on their excitement to see a particular decoration.  Somehow it gives them peace to know how it will look when they arrive.

Well, the way you keep and present yourself can also portray that type of peace.  You become someone that people remember and rely on for confidence and strength.

I want to encourage all of you to not shrink from being someone memorable or wearing something memorable…but over 50? Dare to be Memorable.

Be Bold!

Sometimes it means that you dress nicer than others at the meeting, or at church, or at the luncheon.  Stand out with style.

Dare to be memorable

Tux is loving the Christmas tree this year.

I often find him laying beside it or even staring at it.

Makes me smile!

The memorable sweatshirt I am wearing at the top today’s post was a boutique find, and the Foxcroft jeans have been in my wardrobe for awhile…I am comfy at home in my Jambu Wilma Slip-ons – Now at Macy’s!

Here are a few more items I found at Macy’s…my feet are so happy since I discovered Jambu.

Please feel free to share any thoughts you have on this topic…just do not forget point #2….let’s have fun, look great,  and dare to be memorable for it!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Dare to be memorable

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