Over-The-Top, Gold, Pearl-Ornamented Booties Worn 3 Ways, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:42am

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Happy almost-New Gregorian Year!

I have finished 2022 by doing as one of you suggested, i.e. buying and wearing a pair of pearl-ornamented gold leather booties. What? You say I cannot blame this on you all? I beg to differ. Nancy, thank you.

So, if, and I get it’s a big “if,” but IF if you’re going to get yourself a pair of gold boots you have to wear them as much as possible. Rules are rules.

My family spent the Christmas weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. I’ve been there before you may remember, more than once. We had a really nice time. The weather was fair and mild, sunsets beautiful, and everyone in pretty good spirits given the trials of our past several years. I was determined to wear my new gold boots every night, and so I did.

First, for dinner in the fancy restaurant, Navio. Mirror selfie. I think I did put on some lipstick eventually. Probably a lip balm by Ilia. And I’m 100% sure I tucked my socks into the booties much more thoroughly.

Remember that blue dress?

Then for dinner at an Italian restaurant, outdoor dining under heat lamps. The boots are awesome with jeans. I say so.

Worn with this white shirt, but no necklace. One over-the-top item is enough for a High WASP.

And finally for dinner on the hotel’s Ocean Terrace. Although this outfit was why I bought the boots in the first place, it was probably the least successful. That wasn’t the boots’ fault. The dress needs to be shortened an inch or three and I just didn’t get to it before the holiday arrived.

Grinning like a banshee at the cameraperson, AKA my son.

Sometimes, as in life, it’s the least practical choices that become our most beloved.

I hope you all are well, in this quiet dark time of year in the Western hemisphere. I have learned a lot more from you, over the years, than just the value of ornamented footwear. Have a wonderful weekend and an increasingly lovely 2023. Perhaps, with one over-the-top goal or idea or intention in mind. The question is always, the top of what?

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