Practical Finds from Amazon Anyone Can Use

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Happy Friday, ladies. We’re on the home stretch for the weekend, and I am more than ready. I love an item that can make my everyday life easier, and today’s post is full of practical items that will do just that. Go ahead and prepare yourself to click ‘Add to Cart’ on a few of these items. These practical finds from Amazon anyone can use will have you scratching your head, wondering how you have been surviving without them. I know I was!

Practical Finds from Amazon Anyone Can Use

Grocery Bag Holder

I know a lot of us have a bag full of grocery bags shoved in a cabinet somewhere. I’m guilty of it myself. It’s a huge eyesore, and I never knew what to do about it until now. This grocery bag holder is an affordable and sleek-looking solution to an everyday problem.

Battery Holder

Get organized with this awesome battery holder that would be wonderful mounted on a garage wall or utility closet. Men would love this sort of wall art 🙂 It holds up to 93 batteries in various sizes. I really like that it has a battery tester, too. There are always a handful of batteries rolling around my junk drawer that I’m hanging onto because I’m unsure if they are new or used. Not anymore!

Safety Package Opener

Open your packages, letters, and food packaging safely and with ease using this updated box cutter. It has a built-in magnet so that you can keep it handy for everyday use and a ceramic blade that won’t rust.

Magnetic Whiteboard for Fridge

Sometimes I’m in the kitchen and think of something that I need to remind myself later. This magnetic whiteboard sticks right to the fridge for keeping up with your to-do list! It’s also perfect for those who meal prep and meal plan.

Water Bottle with Time Marker

I always am needing to drink more water, and I immediately bought this 32 oz water bottle when I saw it. A quick glance at the timeline printed on the bottle reminds me when to take my next sip throughout the day. It helps me up my daily water intake goal like clockwork!

Toe Stretcher and Toe Separator

If you are suffering from painful foot problems like bunions, hammer Toes, Plantar Fasciitis, or Chronic Foot Pain, YogaToes GEMS are a must. This toe stretcher and separator will soothe aching feet and strengthen neglected, weak toes – hopefully fixing some foot problems naturally.

Candle Warmer Lamp

This candle-warming lamp allows you to enjoy your favorite candle without the smoke, soot, or fire hazard associated with burning a candle. Pair this with your favorite candle for a wonderful holiday gift!

Spinning Organizer

If you have a large collection of make-up and skin care products like I do, this spinning make-up organizer is an ideal way to organize your vanity or bathroom counter! I love being able to spin mine and find the lotion or potion I’m looking for.

Every Drop Makeup Spatula

The beauty lover in your life will love this! This brilliant beauty spatula is specifically designed to help you retrieve and scoop out the remaining product from your favorite make-up and skincare bottles, so you are not wasting a single drop. Stuff is expensive these days, and more often than not, the packing isn’t user-friendly enough to ensure we get to use it all.

Tech Organizer

I like using this tech organizer to organize my laptop, phone charger, and accessories. I can easily throw it into my carry-on or purse so that I have all of my essential chargers, memory cards, headphones, etc., while I’m on the go.

Heated Foot Warmer

Give your feet some R+R with this soft heated foot warmer. Imagine how heavenly it would be to have this on while watching a movie or placed under your desk while working on your computer!

Memory Foam No-Slip Bath Mat

This memory foam bath mat is so supportive and soft that you will feel like you are walking on a cloud. Even better, it’s machine washable, slip-resistant, and under $20!

Lip Exfoliating Brush

Exfoliating your lips leads to a smoother and fuller appearance, and the process is easy using this double-sided lip exfoliating brush! It’s one of those items I think would be really helpful to have, especially during the winter with chapped lips.

What are your favorite Amazon finds?

There truly are so many practical finds from Amazon that anyone can use out there. I’d love to hear if you’ve found any!

P.S – I’ve included quite a few Amazon finds in my holiday gift guides that you can browse for everyone in your life, including:

Thanks for reading, be sure to wear what makes you feel confident, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for would you wear it.



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