The many faces of tweed

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many faces of tweed

Happy Fashion Friday, everyone!  Today, I would like to call attention to the many faces of tweed.

Now, I realize tweed is classic dressing, but the fashion industry is beginning to show many faces of tweed for a variety of styles.

It is no longer just available in the classic Coco Chanel blazer and while that is a great look, the many faces of tweed exceed just the main design.

You can find it now in all lengths, and in all types of toppers.  

This realization came to mind this past week while shopping Marshalls.


many faces of tweed

When I first walked in a local Marshalls, I was greeted with this outfit on display.

It made me stop and think…that is a different look for tweed.

As I looked around, there were many different styles on the racks all surrounded by shoppers.

many faces of tweed

many faces of tweed

many faces of tweed

I tried these on just to show you what I was available for this year.  

If I had been shopping for me, I would have taken more sizes in with me.

But, the point is to see these more relaxed styles as the many faces of tweed evolve to new places.

Today’s slideshow features tweed garments currently on the market:


many faces of tweed

Currently, my face of tweed is this Ming Wang tweed cardigan I have owned for many years.

I previously wore it often to work.  I like the classic, yet relaxed style of the cardigan and with a touch of brown, it still works for my color family.

I like it as a polished casual style …much better for my present more-relaxed life than the classic tweed blazer.

There is something about tweed that just takes a casual look up a notch.  I am so glad I decided to keep it in the closet.

When I wore it to work, it was most often with a collared blouse underneath.

Almost everything here has been in my wardrobe for awhile.

I can, however, link to the Easy Spirit Larime Ankle Booties in brown….the are excellent, comfy, easy to walk in, booties.  I do recommend. USE THE CODE GIVE for 15% off.

I do believe tweed can be dressed up or down, and with so many faces of tweed it is much easier to find garments that fit your life too.

How do you feel about tweed?   A fan or not….and please share your reasons.

many faces of tweed

Oh, yes, one more thing…I want to show you these cute sweater and hat sets by designer Rachel Zoe that I also found at Marshalls.

Really cute winter fashion for you or a gift!

Thanks for being here…please comment on the tweed…and I will be back tomorrow with WOULD YOU WEAR IT!  Hope to see you then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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many faces of tweed

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