What I wore while out and about

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What I wore

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today, I am sharing What I wore while out and about last week.

The What I Wore posts have been a request of readers for some time now.

I completely understand how helpful it can be to see what women are wearing in their real lives…and not just posed ones.

So, today, here are What I wore outfits from different times going out last week….hope it helps….


What I wore

This is what I wore to go to James Avery Craftsman Jewelry last week and complete my granddaughter’s gift of a charm bracelet.

I purchased one more little charm, so when she receives it on Christmas Day it will be started with three.

I am wearing Chico’s pull-on denim jeggings; an Old Navy Ruffle Neck denim blouse; and a JJill Sedona Plaid Blazer….the flats are older and have been in my closet for a while.

Here are some similar options and there are some petite options here:


What I wore

What I wore to my allergist appointment does take some planning.

When I go for allergy shots, I just want to take down the coat, get shot, and go…which means a sleeveless option underneath any topper.

I really have enjoyed the two Target jackets I picked up this fall…they are perfect for the climate I am living in.

Yes, they are very casual…but great for going out and about.  On this day, I was getting a shot and going right back home!

I am wearing a pair of Chico’s Girlfriend Jeans, a red sleeveless V-neck knit top from JJill, a little snowflake scarf I found at Walgreen’s last year for $9, and DSW gold-toe sneakers.

There is a Petite version of the jeans.

The picture was taken at the medical office by the receptionists. I told her I liked the tree topper, so she said…let’s take a picture.

What I wore

Here is what their Christmas tree wore!  I had never seen a tree topper like this one before.

She told me she found him at Walmart…so I found him for anyone who loves the idea…and it is a very reasonable price.

Christmas Tree Topper Snowmanand another cute one is Holiday Time Snowman with Scarf Tree Topper.

It is always fun to go out and about and see new ideas…right?


what I wore

While out and about recently, I saw this sign outside of the wonderful bookstore at The Historic Pearl.

Great reminder.  We do not look the same on the outside or wear the same clothing or even strive to be the same….but the beauty inside us all is the same.

Thanks for dropping by today to see WHAT I WORE…and remember tomorrow is all about Today’s News…curated just for you.


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