What’s On My Wish List This Season

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I’ve shared lots of gift guides over the last few weeks, so for our Style Edit over 50 this month, Cindy and I thought it would be fun to share what’s on our personal wish lists this holiday season. Mine is quite random, so hold on for the ride 🙂

Last visit with my parents

If wishes were horses…I would wish for one last, nice long visit with both my Mom and my Dad, who have been gone for many years. There are so many things I’d love to chat with them about now that I am old. I’d love to soak in their warmth and love one final time. I often feel them around me, but it’s laced with the sadness of missing them.

New car

I drive a twenty-year-old car that I love! My kids have been hounding me for years to get a newer car with updated safety features. While waiting for the dealer to make me a new car key last week, I spotted some pretty new cars with big bows on top, just waiting for new homes…we’ll see.

My husband has long given up on shopping for me, so I usually send him the links or order myself, and he wraps them up. Yes, it takes some of the magic out of the process, but he wants to be sure I’m going to love it…and so do I. And let’s be honest here, I shop almost full-time.

woman wearing cashmnere sweater, wool fedora and paige jeans


Cashmere tops the list for me this year because the moths had a field day with my collection over the summer, and much of it didn’t survive. Cashmere varies in softness, and we know it pills. Any company that tells you their cashmere won’t pill is crazy or lying because it all pills eventually.

gleener for sweaters

I love my sweater shaver, but I’ve become obsessed with my Gleener. It’s a battery-free fabric shaver, lint brush, and fuzz remover. I’ve even used it on my throw pillows and couch! This puppy is gentle, fast, and efficient, so it now goes in my suitcase when we travel.

woman wearing gray and cream outfit

I discovered Quince cashmere last year and was blown away by the quality for the price. It does pill a bit faster than a $500 cashmere sweater, but it’s hard to beat a $50 cashmere sweater The colors are beautiful, and the fit is great.

I’m wearing the $50 cashmere v-neck in Ivory. It’s not as opaque as the other colors but a lovely soft shade. I’m wearing it with the J. Jill jersey pants I got last year (similar), my super comfy velvet Birdie flats, cashmere wrist warmers, and a cashmere and silk leopard print scarf. I sure hope J. JIll makes this style of pant again because it’s super comfy and machine washable.


After my success with their V-necks, I bought some Quince cashmere T-shirts and have been wearing the heck out of them. They come in twelve colors and are the perfect layering piece this season. J. Crew makes a similar one for twice the price, but I can’t say I’ve found much difference. I’m wearing it with a knit corduroy skirt from J. Jill that either hasn’t hit the website yet or is selling out. My long cashmere cardigan has been one of my most worn items since I bought it for our cruise last summer.

I cannot tell a lie; I’ve been waiting and waiting for these Vince sweaters to go on sale, and I ordered one yesterday. They’re incredibly soft, and the one I owned many years ago (which became moth food) took a very long time to pill, and when it did, the pills were tiny. I need a cedar chest for my sweaters this summer.

Hollywood vanity mirror

My friend Alison mentioned this mirror in her post earlier this week, and after reading the reviews, I popped it right into my cart for my husband to wrap and put under the tree 🙂

The older my eyes get, the brighter it needs to be for me to see clearly. This looks like the ticket for putting on makeup. Plus, the detachable 10X magnification mirror can be placed anywhere on the front and will be perfect for chin hair search and destroy missions.


Seriously! I have three nice Our Place storage containers, but the rest of my Tupperware is a train wreck. These glass ones look amazing but also look like they’ll take up lots of cupboard space. This set looks really cool because they nest together for storage.

MacKensie Childs

I want a piece of MacKensie Childs courtly check for my kitchen. I’ve loved the sassy pattern for many years, and surprisingly, I never bought any. I do need a nicer paper towel holder, but how dumb is this one? The roll would hide the pattern. I linked some of my favorites below.

I told you this was random, but I even surprised myself with this list.

What would be on your dream list this holiday?

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