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Would You Wear it

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!  Welcome to the last Would You Wear It for 2022 with me and Jennifer.

We are sharing displays from our world’s to seek what you think of the clothing and simply ask…Would You Wear It?

Of course, we want to know why or why not.

So, let’s get started looking over our displays….


Would You Wear It

New collections have begun to hit some of our favorite retailers with a gentle nod toward spring in softer hues.

Jennifer and I ask that you review our displays carefully and asses if you would wear what you see or not…then explain in detail why?

This is not about…would you buy it…it is about Would You Wear It…just pretend you were given the clothing.

Readers love the comments on these posts and we all learn from one another.

You are not required here to comment on all three in the display…but if you want to, we would love to know.

Also, if you think you would style the looks differently…then share how!

Would You Wear It

So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………..


Would You Wear it

Today’s displays were discovered at Talbot’s.  I have more outfit information in this slideshow….


Would. You Wear It

I was in a bit of a rush the other day when I visited the mall and did not plan to spend much time in dressing rooms.

Then I saw this display…Ok, I get it…the blouse needs to be ironed and that did bother me.

However, it was the style with this fun cardigan that at least made me want to get the cardigan and go to the dressing room.

Would You Wear it

This is the Argyle Texture Cardigan and I would wear it!

I did not purchase it on this trip, but I do like the garment and the display did its job with me.

Would You Wear it

I also love both of these colors for the Jessie Pebbled Leather Driving Moccasins in the color clementine.

And…the Jessie Metallic Leather Driving Moccasins in gold…you know I love a gold shoe.

But, I also put on a wish list these Hadley Mid Platform Linen Espadrilles…I think these will go fast!

Ok…back to Would You Wear It?

So, answer for my display…then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think!


Would You Wear It

Remember, the sales are amazing right now.

You might want to read over my 5 Tips for Successful Sale Shopping (our readers added their tips also) and use my SHOPPING LINKS to find you favorite retailer.

I am so grateful and blessed by all of you who shop with my links…you keep me here and your support is incredible.  Thanks so much.

I will have thoughts on 2023 during Sunday Mornings at Home tomorrow…hope you will join it…blessings for a great evening…stay safe…and


By Pamela Lutrell

Would. You Wear It?

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