You Should Stick Around for the Avatar: The Way of Water Credits

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Thanks in large part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, modern moviegoing audiences have been primed to expect a little treat at the end of their cinema experience. That treat? Some kind of scene, tease, cameo, after the film’s credits finish rolling. Marvel has used this to reveal new characters or tease upcoming franchise installments, so fans might be wondering if Avatar: The Way of Water, which is also owned by Disney, might deploy the same technique to give fans a little morsel ahead of Avatar 3, given how much they had to wait between Avatar and this first sequel.

While some other masterfully-crafted blockbuster films of recent years like Dune and No Time To Die have bucked the trend and ignored the growing expectation of a post-credits scene, its reasonable to wonder if Avatar: The Way of Water might include one. That’s because director James Cameron was actually one of the earliest proponents of post-credits scenes.

OK, well, not quite scenes, but definitely a post-credits moment. Or, well, a post-credits sound. When 1986’s epic Aliens finished its closing scroll, audiences heard a chilling sound: the cracking of an alien egg. The Xenomorphs were back.

So… what did Mr. Cameron do after the credits rolled on his latest trip to Pandora?

avatar the way of water


Is there an Avatar: The Way of Water credits scene?

There’s not. Sorry! We’ll just have to patiently wait for Avatar 3 without any tease other than the film’s actual ending.

That said, if you’re reading this story, you’ve probably just watched Avatar: The Way of Water. And you’d probably agree that the movie you just watched was nothing less than a technical marvel.

And while you probably know James Cameron’s name, he’s not the only one who brought Pandora to life. So why not stick around, enjoy The Weeknd’s new theme song and Simon Franglen’s score, and see some of the names who worked tirelessly for years to make this explosion of the senses of a film that so many people will inevitably take in this holiday season?

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