Your Favorite Posts from 2022

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I thought it would be fun to have a look at some of your favorite posts from 2022. I expected some of these to make the list, but a few of them surprised me. A lot are advice posts and still relevant. This makes me wonder if they are your favorite type of posts. As always, I appreciate it when you share the posts you like on Pinterest because it helps more introduce more women to the AWSL community.

Keep reading to see which posts made the list this year! I put them in countdown order, starting with #10 first.

Your Favorite Posts from 2022

#10. The Three-Word Method To Find Your Personal Style

In this post, I teach you how to use a method I’ve been using for over twenty years to help women find their personal style. This method involves choosing three words that describe your personal style or the style you aspire to have, and these words become the formula you use to create outfits and refer to before you add items to your closet.

#9. 6 Things That Look Matronly

If you want to look less dowdy and frumpy, this post is for you! Here I discuss six things that women over 50 should ditch from their wardrobe and what alternative looks will help you look your best.

#8. 8 Things I Always Pack When Traveling

No matter where or how I travel, several items always accompany me. In this post, you can find the eight things I always pack when traveling, like my favorite tote bag, the best hats, and my go-to sunscreen.

#7. How To Find Your Personal Contrast Level And Why It Matters

Your personal contrast level is the difference in the light-to-dark value of your hair color, skin, and eyes. Wearing contrast levels that match your own contrast levels is as important as whether the undertone is warm or cool. In some instances, it’s more important! Find out my formula for finding your own personal contrast levels and why it’s important.

#6. Modern Ways To Style Capri and Cropped Pants

Are capri pants still in style? What’s the difference between capri and cropped pants? Find out all the answers in this fan-favorite post.

#5. How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants for Women over 50

Skinny jeans may not be down and out for the count this season, but wide-legged pants are making a comeback in a big way. Can a woman over 50 wear wide-leg pants in a flattering way? Absolutely! Let’s look at how to do it, even if you’re short!

#4. 11 Style Essentials for Women Over 50

Style essentials are those quintessential pieces that anchor your wardrobe and make everything you own look better. In this post, I am discussing the style essentials I find important over 50.

#3. How to Wear Leggings After 50

With more of us living casual lifestyles, leggings can be a great fashion option when worn with attention to a few details. This post is full of ideas and resources to help you look fabulous wearing leggings after the age of 50. I have updated it several times, and it remains one of my top posts of all time!

#2. Tips To Help You Look Taller and Slimmer

No woman wants to look shorter or wider… I know I certainly don’t! Find out my favorite tips and tricks for looking taller and slimmer in my second most popular post of the year. You will be a pro at using your outfits and accessories to make you look long and lean after reading.

#1. 6 Things to Wear Over 60

This was hands-down the most-read blog post of the year! In this post, I’m sharing six things that I’ve chosen to wear over 60 because they help me look and feel my best. No rules are involved! I think you’ll find that some of these work for you too.

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What sort of posts would you like to see more of in 2023?

I’ve already been brainstorming on more posts for weddings, shoes, hobbies like knitting, cruises, and a few other things. Let me know in the comments below!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!



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