17 Best Throw Blankets of 2023 That Are the Style Upgrade Your Sofa Needs

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Don’t throw a fit when you get cold—just get wrapped up in one of these.

17 Best Throw Blankets of 2023 That Are the Style Upgrade Your Sofa Needs

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You have a down comforter and a weighted blanket already, sure. Hell, you maybe even own a fashion blanket. But the best throw blankets are a slightly different breed: perfectly-sized and weighted for curling up under on the couch and getting cozy as hell. The weather right now is peak winter, which means it’s cold all day, every day. Cranking up the heat can lead to thirsty, dehydrated skin (and potentially sweaty feet), so throw a blanket over your shoulder until you’re as toasty as a marshmallow. Besides being used for their intended purpose (warmth!), throw blankets can take a boring-ass sofa and elevate it to grail-worthy status. 

But not all throws are built the same between a thicker, heirloom-worthy merino wool number, some fine cashmere threads, and a cheap chenille thing you’ve picked up at a discounted home decor store. And you don’t necessarily need to lavish a few hundred dollars on a throw just because it has a designer name attached. Instead, we surfaced a number of throw blankets for any budget that you’ll actually want to buy (and use)—some that we’ve tested firsthand, and others that we just like a whole lot and have teed up in our carts. Below, the best throw blankets that will help you stay unbelievably toasty through winter and beyond.

The Best Throw Blanket for Most People: Coyuchi Sequoia

Coyuchi Sequoia organic cotton and wool throw

From bed sheets to bath towels, Coyuchi knows what’s up when it comes to linens of all stripes. The brand cut zero corners when it designed its Sequoia throw blanket, made of a blended construction of cotton and wool that’s smooth and soft to the touch, while being hefty and warm for extra chilly nights. Its beautiful textured look makes it look and feel like a fancy heirloom, and its double-stitched edge (an extra touch that ensures it won’t fray any time soon) helps justify the higher price tag. Another major perk: This thing is machine-washable, so you can snooze and drool all over it as much as you want before tossing it in the wash for a refresh. 

The Best Budget Throw Blanket: Bedsure 

Bedsure chenille throw blanket

For less than you’d spend on dinner and a movie, you can scoop this super-soft blanket from Amazon that’ll last you many a season. It’s comprised of a blend of acrylic and polyester, so it’s not, like, the fanciest thing out there. But it’ll do just fine on laundry day because it can take a beating or two in the washer and dryer. One reviewer even compliments the blanket for holding up against their cat’s claws: It’s more of a couch stalwart than a flimsy looker, and that’s totally okay. 

The Best Wool Throw Blanket: Faribault Frontier

Faribault Frontier blanket

For over 150 years, Faribault has remained one of the greatest woolen mills in America: Its wool blankets have earned their place in history books, as they’ve been used in both World Wars, and pioneers even slept beneath them as they ventured westward. The Frontier blanket pays homage to said adventurers, and is famous for its fetching three-stripe design that’s been in production since the beginning of the 20th century. Its 100% merino wool construction makes this blanket naturally hypoallergenic and as the brand’s heaviest blanket, it’s just as suitable for some soothing during an at-home movie night as it is for staying warm in a tent. While approximately 400 bones for a blanket is indeed a splurge, we imagine it’ll last as long as Faribault has.

The Best Cashmere Throw Blanket: Quince 

Quince ribbed knit cashmere throw

If you want the luxe feel of wearing your favorite cashmere sweater 24/7, you can easily have that with Quince’s cashmere throw. It’s 100% cashmere (all killer, no filler), so you can’t just toss it in the wash—this is more of a dry clean situation—but for a luxuriously rich throw without an exuberant price tag, this is the couch topper to get.

The Best Reversible Throw Blanket: Brooklinen Two-Tone Lambswool Throw

Brooklinen two-tone lambswool throw


Listen, we know all throw blankets are reversible. But what we’re talking about when we mention “reversible” is that a blanket has two different looks on either side. Brooklinen’s two-tone throw is just that. It’s incredibly soft and warm for brisk fall days and nights, and you can flip sides whenever you need to switch things up.

The Best Linen Throw Blanket: Hawkins New York

Cultiver Estela linen waffle throw

Whether it’s a linen suit, linen bed sheets, or linen shirt, the easy, breezy material is great for basically everything. Cultiver is all about linen bedding, so it makes sense that it makes a pretty excellent throw, too. This linen number is woven in Portugal, a country known for its booming textile industry, and boasts a lightweight, waffle-like texture akin to your softest towels. Over time, a few cycles in the wash will only make it softer and softer for a midday nap on the couch.

The Best Oversized Throw Blanket: Parachute 

Parachute oversized rib knit throw

When Parachute says this is “oversized,” the brand definitely means it. The 100% cotton rib knit throw can comfortably fit two—maybe three—people, and it boasts an airier weave that manages to combine warmth and breathability. Like Quince’s cashmere throw blanket that feels like wrapping yourself in your favorite cashmere sweater, Parachute’s throw is like wearing your go-to cotton pullover on repeat. 

The Best Quilted Throw Blanket: Buffy Puffer Blanket

Buffy puffer blanket

Buffy’s quilted blanket takes notes from your favorite liner jacket. Made from recycled plastic, the Puffer is full machine washable and stain-resistant, and comes in four different hues, from a subdued gray to a burnt orange. It’s essentially like a flattened down puffer that you can take on the road and use as picnic blanket, or drape it over your shoulders when it gets a little nippy in the house. 

9 More Throw Blankets We Like

The Company Store herringbone throw


The Company Store

The Company Store’s throw blanket is mostly made of merino wool with just a touch of cashmere, accented by tassels on both sides for texture. It feels equal parts luxurious and handsome. And though it comes at a steeper price tag, we think it’ll be worth it for anyone looking to spruce up their living quarters in the long-term.

L.L. Bean Wicked Cozy blanket

The name says it all. This L.L. Bean blanket is exactly that: wicked cozy. It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but the Bean’s fleece throw blanket is much like its best-selling flannel sheets: warm, cozy, and just what you need for weathering icy temps. This thing lasts practically forever since it doesn’t shed or pill, too. So long as you don’t throw it in the dryer after you machine wash it, you’re good to go for the next couple of winter freezes.  

Bearaby Cotton Napper

Bearaby is one of our favorite brands in the weighted blanket genre, and since its chunky knit Nappers tend to fit just one person, they’re actually the ideal size for a couch throw. The cotton version, one of the brand’s best-sellers, is made from a soft and breathable organic fabric braided into a thick and chunky weave. Get it in any of the four different weight options and just feel the anxiety melt away.

West Elm chunky knit throw

Just want a blanket that looks like something your ma lovingly hand-knit it for you? West Elm’s got you literally covered with a sustainably-sourced knit throw. It’s reasonably lightweight for a chunky cream knit, but doesn’t pack much personality if you prefer something louder to dress up your couch. Still, it’s a nice “keep out for guests” blanket, and trust that if West Elm made this into a sweater…we’d probably cop that, too.

Pottery Barn faux fur throw blanket

Pottery Barn

Whatever your take on wearing an animal pelt is, this Pottery Barn will at least scratch your faux fur itch. A little cheugy, a lotta cozy, here’s one of the best in the game, which is nearly as soft as the real deal (uh, we can only imagine). Another sustainable bonus: This throw is Oeko-Tex-certified to be free of common chemicals and toxins.

Anthropologie sunset check merino wool throw



We keep talking about how throw blankets add some intrigue to your sofa, but this one from Anthropologie is one of the most eye-catching of the lot. The merino wool construction feels like a cozy scarf against your skin, and the fabric is sourced from Donegal, Ireland, a name you’ll know if you’ve ever lusted over a Donegal suit or sweater.

Ezcaray Matisse throw blanket

Mohair is hot right now, and it’s what all your favorite sweaters and cardigans are made of. So why not double down with a mohair blanket? The bold painterly stripes, more Rothko than Matisse we think, add character to any boring old sofa or plain white comforter. And the top-shelf quality, courtesy of the fibers that are hand-dyed, -washed, and -woven by artisans, really comes through when you thumb over the fabric. 

Ikea Ekkronimal throw

Ikea is always a solid fall-back option for affordable houseware, and its bedding is nothing to sneeze at if you’re on a starter apartment budget. This throw is made of a blend of acrylic, polyester, and wool, and—speaking of Ezcaray—really resembles a blanket version of one of the brand’s chunky mohair scarves.  

The Citizenry La Calle alpaca throw


The Citizenry

It ain’t cashmere, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it is. Made completely of baby alpaca wool, the La Calle is beautifully woven by the Weavers Of Huancavelica, a small collective of artisans in Peru.  You might love it so much that you’ll come back for more to dole out as gifts: Choose from seven excellent colorways to suss out what feels most like “them.” 

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