3 Signs You’re Not ready to Lose Weight (and what to do instead): Midlife Weight Gain

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As a fitness and weight loss expert for women over 50, the last thing I want to tell you is you’re not ready to lose weight, especially if this is a goal you know will help you feel better, feel healthier, lighter and feel more confident.

Yet, truthfully, there are many women out there who long for that end results, but their mindset is not ready to get them there.

While I would love every over 50 gal to join my weight loss programs, if you’re not mentally ready, then you’re simply setting yourself up for failure,

And with each failed attempt, it erodes trust in yourself, and those end results will feel further away, and impossible to achieve. And I DON’T want that for you!

I know with 100% certainty you can get the smaller pant size, and the boost of energy, and strength and confidence that goes with it, but only when your mindset is walking this journey with you.

So, I’m going to go through the 3 really common signs I see in women who are just not quite ready to take their weight loss journey seriously (they’re not ready to lose weight) and if you can relate to these, then I’ll share what you can do instead:

1. They’re Not Willing to Negotiate:

A healthy weight loss journey is not about restriction, in fact every time I speak about my weight loss programs, I promise that we can find a way for you to get a smaller pant size and lasting energy in a way that fits YOU, and your lifestyle without restriction,

but you have to meet me halfway!

If you’re not willing to create habit changes, you’re not ready to lose weight.

 And habit change requires a negotiation between what you want to do, and what you may not want to  do to get healthy.

As someone who believes in  Non-restrictive weight loss plans, I want to get clear about what that means:

  • It doesn’t mean you never eat your favourite cake or enjoy a glass of wine if you want it. That should definitely be worked into your program if it’s something you don’t want to give up.
  • It  ALSO doesn’t mean you go to the all you can eat buffet every night, and chase your food with a bottle of wine (obviously).

Non-restrictive Weight loss means you come to the table ready to negotiate.

You find a middle ground between having it all,  and eating it too.

What unhealthy habits aren’t serving you?

If you’re not ready to eliminate the habit because it feels too restrictive, what is a healthy first step you are willing to  make that can help you feel lighter, and healthier.

  • Maybe you only hit the restaurant one or two nights a week
  • Maybe you enjoy your wine on weekends, but keep the week alcohol-free

When my clients and participants in my programs are truly ready to get the weight loss results they deserve, they come to the table ready to negotiate new healthy parameters with me.

Each small negotiation gets you closer towards lasting long term energy, lasting weight loss and that pride and confidence in knowing, they made their goals a reality in a way that feels doable.

2. The Second Sign You’re Not Ready to Lose Weight: Everything feels HARD

This may sound like a contradiction, Weight loss is actually hard.. you’re changing old habits for new ones and habit change takes time, it takes mindset shifts, internal reflection and a willingness to believe you are capable of making this happen for you.

You’re also  facing resistance within yourself as the “you” that wants the end goal, struggles with the “you” who doesn’t want to do anything she doesn’t want to do (even if it gets her to that weight loss destination).

Learning, growing, and becoming a healthier version of yourself is hard. YES.

But it’s also filled with adventure, successes, wins and milestones, growing confidence and an EVEN better version of you.

It’s not just hard, it’s also empowering.

And if you can only see the hard, your not truly ready for the journey.

As an example:

  • Let’s say you’re trying to cut out sugar.

You could look at all things sugary and feel angry and deprived because you “can’t have it”.

Or you can look at going sugar-free as a choose your own adventure. (You’re literally choosing not to eat sugar.. no one is forcing you not to)

and with this option to go sugar-free, a brand new exciting world of delicious sugar-free recipes and snacks opens up to you! you’ve got the ability to experiment, try new foods and find new delicious healthy alternatives that create energy and strength while simultaneously tasting good!

  • Or you lost 1 pound this week!

You could look at it as a HUGE disappointment! “I ONLY lost one pound this week”

OR, you can view it as a  HUGE celebration! You’re one pound closer to your end result! YOU’VE GOT TO CELEBRATE THAT SUCCESS! It’s exciting and joyous!

My clients that have long term weight loss have discovered how important this mindset shift is to their lasting and ongoing strength and weight loss results.

If this is a journey you truly want, then in between the hard, you’ll find empowerment and wins, otherwise, even if you were ready to begin your weight loss journey, you’ll soon lose that readiness to continue.  You’ve got to have the wins.

3. You Make Everything Else a Priority (You Give up YOU time)

Whether it’s 10 minutes or 1 hour, we all know that taking care of your health, exercise and food planning requires a time commitment on your end.

While it’s normal for life events and emergencies to pop up and throw your game plan out the window,

If it’s happening ALL the time (almost every time) then not matter how much you want it, your goal of weight loss, isn’t a priority for you.

Harsh, right? I know, and in all fairness,

Not only do things definitely come up in life, but, it is totally understandable that for many, this is the first time in a long while that YOU are working hard at putting YOU first.

And after years of taking care of kids, or sick parents, or both, as well as all of the other many responsibilities that you’ve had in life,deleting yourself from your calendar has been a long standing habit you’re probably working hard to break.. and that takes time.

Here’s the thing, my clients and the participants in my programs that are truly ready for their weight loss journey, and create lasting weight loss success, they may not make every workout, or take the time to pre-make every meal,

But they show up to scheduled group meetings, and coaching sessions to find crafty solutions to put them first, and to rediscover what they need from themselves.

They carve out the time for a quick workout, or take 5 minutes to make a loose plan of what they’ll eat for the week, or even day.

They are ready to stop erasing themselves from their schedule and make themselves a priority.

How many Signs Did you Check off the List?

So, there you have it, the 3 signs you’re not ready to lose weight.

If you checked off all three of these signs, then this is NOT the time to invest in a weight loss program. That’s right, I’m telling you NOT to join my programs.

Instead, by watching this video, you’ve taken a powerful next step to  be truly ready for weight loss and take lasting action on your weight loss success 

 Psychologists deam the phase of readiness that you’re in your in contemplation phase. You know you want a change, and you acknowledge you would feel healthier, more energized and more confident if you did,  maybe you’re dabbling in making a few modifications, but, you’re not quite ready or willing to take the level of action you need to make these goals a reality.

 And that is ok..

The contemplation phase is a valuable stage of readiness to contemplate what you really want to achieve.

 Now is the time to ask yourself, what habits are serving you, and what habits are holding you back.

You may want to ask yourself how would you like your habits to change? What would you like life to look like in 3 months, a year, in your retirement or in 20 years from now?

These questions can help solidify what you really want, and what you feel compelled to prioritize in your life.

It may eventually be a serious weight loss journey, or you may throw the idea of weight loss out the window.

The end goal may just be to feel stronger and healthier despite the weight on the scale.

What to Do If You’re REALLY Ready to Lose Weight:

Over time, if you find yourself feeling like weight loss is something you want to take seriously, because it leads to the end goal of your best health and increased energy for all of the passions you want to achieve in life, I’m always here to help.

You can join the waitlist for my signature program over fifty fit & fabulous. Inside you’ll have a wonderful support system of women going through the program with you, and me (your very own coach) to negotiate habit change, celebrate your journey and help you carve out time to make yourself a priority.

I know it’s only a matter of time before you’re ready to take that next step

The link to Over Fifty Fit & Fabulous is right here:

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