A personal stylist helps this MOG

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a personal stylist helps

Happy Monday, ladies!  Come join me as I share about how a personal stylist helps this MOG.

Of course, I am a Mother-of-the-groom (the MOG), and this top picture depicts the stress I have felt about all the clothing I need not only for the wedding, but events surrounding it.

I promised to take you on this journey with me, and the feelings over my desire to have my son proud of me and to look and feel my absolute best in several outfits do add a bit of stress.

I have also shared in early posts this year, that I have changed sizes…I have shrunk some over the past few years (not because I want to), and I am in the process of losing weight…a little over 20 pounds so far.

Learning to understand what fits me best is now a part of the MOG journey.

This is a spring/early summer formal wedding and I want to be super confident and dance the night away with family.

I hope I do not sound like a drama queen, but for some reason this is very important to me to look just right.

Stick with me here, I will explain the lace cape I have on below and why I have it on.

But, let me start with the calvary…because the calvary rode in this week to help me.


personal stylist helps

In the back of my mind, I knew a personal stylist helps when you have specific needs, but never really thought I would work with one.

Last week, I went on a preliminary mission to see what was at the mall….I know it is early, but I have so many needs that I was scoping out early situations.

I was flipping through racks at Nordstrom and feeling a little lost, when I decided to reach out to one of the sales associates.

Because I have an account at the store, I knew they promote free styling services but I have never considered taking advantage.

Honestly, I thought anyone working there would not understand me and all my preferred styling requirements and would be too young to understand me.

I confess now and ask for forgiveness….I was wrong…a personal stylist helps when you need it most.

I walked up to this very stylish woman, who is young, but also quite mature.  The best conversation I have initiated in a very long time.

She listened, took notes and since that moment has been on the case to find me what I need.

She gets me and understood when I gave her parameters such as I wear flats…and what something youthful but classy.

She has also set up a styling board with ideas from clothing -to- accessories, and remained in touch with me several times since I left the store.

I amazed at her value so far for a free service.

A personal stylist helps with peace….and I needed that.  It is so reassuring that I have true customer service when I need it the most.

Here is the first important step that this lovely Miss J helped me take.


personal stylist helps

Also, a personal stylist helps open your eyes to a new point of view.

Remember, I have written before of how I have gone away from wearing dresses and do not own that many?

Well, Miss J has opened my eyes to dresses and now I am embracing them.  

At the showers, the bridal brunch, the rehearsal dinner, and, of course, the wedding I will be seen in dresses.  

Also, I am now comfortable with wearing dresses to those events…I just had no idea which direction to go with dresses.

A personal stylist helps define those areas where you need it most.

Look at the peach & blue Julia Jordan Floral Mock Neck Dress.

I never would have pulled that dress on my own.  But, Miss J pulled it for me and then pulled it in a smaller size 14.

I tried the size 16 that I have worn for so long and did not like the fit…after coercing, I tried the 14 and wow what a difference that made.

I love it now.  I will style it for you when I have the accessories.

I am not certain which of the activities I will wear it for…but it will be worn for one.

personal stylist helps

Later that day I discovered these Vionic Minna Leather Bow Ballet Flats to pair with the dress.

I am looking forward to trying them together.


peronsal stylist helps

Now that my mind is opened to dresses, I have been a crazy dress shopper online.

Seeking the exact ones I want for this event.

I have always loved “toile” …please don’t tell me I look like a shower curtain or comforter.

This is the Noir Cypress Toile Delaney Dress from Tuckernuck and it is at a much higher price point.

It definitely needs to be hemmed…in fact, a lot of that hem needs to go…the online picture shows where that hem should be.

I like the dress and believe with vibrant accessories, it would work.

However, Leigh Ann reminded me that my best colors are vibrant and this is not in my best colors.

The structure of this dress though is excellent and top quality.  I feel good in it…still conflicted.

So, much to consider……..


personal stylist helps

Over Christmas, my confidence of finding what to wear was low.

I saw this beautiful By Anthropologie Embellished Lace Cape online, and decided to order it.

I felt like it was a good piece to have if I discovered a simple sleeveless gown to wear to the wedding.   My daughter, DIL, and future DIL agreed that I should go ahead and get it while it was available.

I believe this cape is stunning, but working with a personal stylist helps me to see that I can find a great dress…it will happen and I will not need to hide.

However, if you are looking for a piece to wear with a sleeveless outfit…I do recommend this.

But, I am going to return the cape.

A personal stylist helps me to have hope that I will find the looks I need…such a great service from Nordstrom if you find the right personal stylist.

I believe I have.  She has impressed me so far.  She is a member of the team at Nordstrom in the Shops at La Cantera.

Have you ever worked with a personal stylist for a special event?  Please share any thoughts you have on how a personal stylist helps.  This MOG is so glad to have the help and hyperventilating less.

This means that throughout this process, I will………………………………………………………………………………………KEEP SMILING!!

By Pamela Lutrell

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personal stylist helps

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