Best Sports Bras for Older Women

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Last week when I posted The Most Comfortable Bras for Women Over 60, there was a lot of interest from the AWSL community in a sports bra round-up. I decided to dive in and begin researching the most supportive, comfortable, and easy-to-get-on and off, athletic bras out there.

Since various physical activities require different levels of support, this post has a wide variety of options. You certainly don’t need a high-impact bra for yoga like you would for a dance class or cycling! I also know AWSL readers have various bust sizes, so I took that into account when considering factors like full coverage, underwire, padding, and strap size.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, if you order a new sports bra, don’t forget to donate your old one(s) to a local woman’s shelter.

Best Sports Bras for Older Women

Fruit of the Loom Front Closure

Several AWSL readers mentioned that they prefer to wear athletics bras that fasten as it can be difficult to get the pullover styles over your head. This breathable, full-coverage bra from Fruit of the Loom has full coverage and hook and eye-front closures. I would recommend this one for low-impact exercise, as the soft cotton will still allow some movement.

Champion Spot Comfort

This sports bra by Champion takes the pressure off your shoulders with gel-infused straps. It’s wire-free and comfortable while still supportive enough for your favorite exercise activity. It’s a great budget-friendly option as it’s under $20. Comes in sizes 34C-42DDD.

Lululemon Enlite Front-Zip Bra

If you’re looking for a high-support bra that also has a front closure, you should check out this bra from Lululemon. It is an investment piece compared to some of the others I am sharing, but you all know how I feel about quality items that will last. This bra was created with running in mind, so it will keep everything right where it needs to be throughout any high-impact activities you engage in. Find it in a 32A-40DD.

Natori Yogi Convertible Bra

This underwire athletic bra from Natori fastens in the back. The straps can be taken from their standard position to crisscross, allowing you to wear them with various workout tops and tanks. Reviews say they are invisible under clothing and the full-coverage cups provide medium to high support. This is the bra that my friend with a larger bust recommends. It comes in sizes 32A-38H.

Glamorise No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra

The stitching on this bra by Glamorise allows you to get high-impact, full-coverage support without requiring an uncomfortable underwire. I thought the addition of the breathable mesh at the neckline would be wonderful for those looking for additional coverage while still allowing you to stay cool. Get yours in sizes 34C-50J.

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

You all read in my previous post that I typically don’t opt for an underwire bra because I am smaller-chested. If I were well-endowed, then this one would be my pick! The underwire is built on the outside of the bra, so you receive the lift and support you need without the feeling of an uncomfortable wire against your skin. The straps are wider but close-set so they won’t dig or slip, and they can be adjusted from the back. The unique design prevents the “uniboob” that so many women complain sports bras give them while also preventing any bouncing during your high-impact workouts. You can find this one in sizes 32C-40I.

Tank Top with Built-In Bra

Tank top/sports bra combinations are so convenient. They’re also great if you hate doing laundry as you are only producing one item of dirty clothing rather than two! I would suggest these for low-impact activities like walking. I linked a few more options that I thought looked nice down below!

Shop more of the best sports bras for older women:

Do you have a favorite sports bra you can share with us? Please share in the comments and let us know why you like it.

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