Does community influence fashion choices?

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community influence in fashion

Happy Thursday, ladies.  Today, I would like to initiate a discussion around....Does community influence fashion choices?

Several times over the life of this blog, I have worn something really colorful and someone will comment, they could never wear vibrant color where they live.

That intrigues me and I found myself pondering the community influence on fashion choices this past week.

I hope some of you will be sharing about your own communities today.

Let’s get started with mine….more about this picture below.


community influence on fashion choices

My community is the vibrant, multi-cultural San Antonio, TX.

The community’s population is majority Hispanic with a strong connection to Mexico.

Color is in the fiber of this community’s fashion choices.

community influences fashion choices

Here is a necklace from a local boutique…full on color…and you find it throughout the community.

It is most evident during our well know celebration of FIESTA.

It is a ten day party!

community influences fashion choices

I rarely go out and about in San Antonio without vibrant color…especially since I learned that my best colors are in the Vibrant Autumn Palette.

But, I believe the people we see every day, for years do influence what we wear.

Also, San Antonio is full of art…it is an artist’s paradise and that is also part of the community’s influence on fashion choices.

community influence fashion choices

This is why I believe Nordstrom feels quite confident in styling a display such as this in San Antonio.

I see color like this on people everyday and also see influences of style such as pattern mixing.

Would you see this type of display in your community? 

Of course you may comment on the display, and I am not saying that every woman in San Antonio would wear these looks.

Only that most successful brands understand how the community influences what is worn.

It is worth remembering that our community influences our fashion choices whether we realize it or not.

What do you think are the ways your community has influenced how you dress…would love to hear this from around the world….could be fun!

For those looking for vibrant colors right now, there are some new items available, so I prepared this slideshow:

There are many influences on our fashion choices, but I do believe the people around us are a part of the influence. 

What do you think? Would love to hear and then go out and make sure that you always……


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community influences on fashion

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