Dresses have shoes on my mind

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shoes on my mind

YAY…it is Friday…the last Friday of January 2023 no less.  On this Fashion Friday, I want to share how wearing dresses have shoes on my mind.

I know there are several new readers, so please allow me a moment to explain.

Bottom line is that I ruined my feet in my 20s and 30s wearing stilettos.

I did have bunion surgery, but years after that the toes began to curl.

Now, I have pretty significant hammer toes and do not wear heels or wedges at all.

The return to a desire to wear more dresses as the mother-of-the-groom has shoes on my mind.

I do like the look of ballet flats with most dresses…very chic.

But, I only own black ballet flats which are comfortable…so with shoes on my mind…I realize I need more “colorful” ballet flats.

Recently I purchased these Vionic Minna Leather Bow Ballet Flats from Dillard’s in navy…they are very comfortable and go with the new dress I recently purchased at Nordstrom.

I believe I will get a lot of wear out of this pair of flats. 

With shoes on my mind, here is a slideshow of others I have considered:

The green Vionic pair are really on my mind…so I just might purchase them soon.

However, I also want to wait and see what other outfits I pull together for wedding events.


shoes on my mind

These are my gold oxfords from Talbots, and I use them to illustrate what my stylist told me that has new shoes on my mind.

She said it is very current right now to wear oxfords and loafers with dresses.

I am pondering the oxfords and might have to see it, but I am staying open minded because both looks for the casual dresses sound possible.

It just depends on the dresses or styles I select for these events.

There are so many cute flats on the market right now.

When I have shoes on my mind, I must also have comfort shoes on my mind…but here are some that are currently online:

I will write more later about what shoes will go with the evening dress for the wedding…need that dress first.

But, I did find these fun gold sparkly sneakers for the reception…haven’t ordered but may soon!

If you also wear flats with dresses, what is your first preference?  What shoes are on your mind this lovely Friday?

Of course, I will be selecting outfits first for events, but the shoes are the second biggest decision in my Mother-of-the-Groom journey.

A big part of this journey is to share with you my considerations and not just my purchases.

I want outfits and shoes that I can wear after the wedding as well.

Final question, would you ever wear oxfords with dresses?

Thanks for always being such a great sounding board, friends!  See you tomorrow for Would You Wear It and until then…………………………………..



shoes on my mind

When shoes are on our minds, do not forget the Sheec No Show Footwear to go with them…I will have those on my mind as well!

By Pamela Lutrell

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Shoes on my mind

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