Fashion search for 2023 begins

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fashion needs

Happy first week of a new year!  Today, I want to share with you how my fashion search for 2023 begins.

2023 is looking to be a different type of year for me with several special events which will dictate my fashion needs.

Once I left the professional office life when sent home during the pandemic, I began to glean my wardrobe.

At that time, I sent away many of my professional pieces, and began to build a more casual wardrobe.

That has been my focus because it was my need to have nice casual pieces for a new work-at-home life.

However, 2023 is already dictating fashion needs in respect to up my causal wear and fashion needs for some special garments.


fashion needs

A review for anyone new here…the messages I want to send with my clothing are polished, approachable, creative, joyful, and current.

In looking at two trips we have planned in 2023, my fashion needs (and wants) are for more joyful, creative pieces.

Also, San Antonio is a colorful community and with Fiesta in April, there are always fashion needs for fun style.

I can easily do that with print toppers.

Why not use what you have?….you may ask.

Many of my toppers from the last two years are now too voluminous, and I need to replace them with a few smaller garments.

I do not mind volume, but lately I want to reign it in and not have too much.

I decided to begin my search for special pieces now, because the sales are so good and you never know what gems can be discovered.


fashion needs

I visited Dillards after Christmas because they always have great sales on quality clothing, and carry many designers who speak my creative/artistic aesthetic.

A kind lady listened to me explain my fashion needs and brought me the pieces you see in this post….I did not purchase anything…and will explain why.

The top brown jacket by Ali Miles is the Woven Jacquard Wire Collar Bracelet Sleeve Straight Hem Button Front Top

It is a beautiful jacket and, while not on sale, is reasonably priced, but I have an Eileen Fisher jacket that is very similar and I still wear it.

The next top is also Ali Miles, Abstract Print Brushed Knit Cowl Neck 3/4 Sleeve High-Low Hem Tunic.

It is cute, and I love a rounded hemline, but heavy fabric and too heavy for a warmer climate.

fashion needs

fashion needs

fashion needs

You all know I love to wear prints and love colors in my Vibrant Autumn Palette.

However, when considering fashion needs,  there are some prints that make me feel older and some that make me feel frumpy…it is hard to explain.

I cannot tell you why I did like these three toppers and a tunic…but the fit and the prints did not say current to me and that is one of my adjectives.

Well, I will say on the the tunic one…it is too big and the rounded collar too much…I really do prefer a V neck.

I guess because these hit a sour note with me, I forgot to log the brand of the tops.


fashion needs

I decided to walk around…this area wasn’t working at this time…and I headed to Bryn Walker, IC Collection, and Eileen Fisher.

Please remember, I am just getting started and there are so many special occasions on the calendar for 2023 that my head is spinning with fashion needs.

fashion needs

Honestly, I love this dress and almost bought it.

It is on sale and is an IC COLLECTION piece, Textured Woven 3/4 Sleeve High Mock Neck Midi Waistless Asymmetrical Hem Swing Midi Dress.

It is very funky, fun and current…but one size seemed too big and I wasn’t crazy about the smaller one.

It is a fun dress but really does not match up right now with my fashion needs…and I was so horrified when I saw my pasty white legs…I have some work to do.

fashion needs

Finally, I loved this Eileen Fisher Stretch Silk Charmeuse Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top in the color pine.

It is a lovely top and would work for my fashion needs.  However, this price on this top gave me pause.

Also, the majority of my fashion needs will be in warm weather and silk could get hot.  (forever, on the minds of South Texas shoppers!).

I also need to decide how I want to present myself at wedding showers, brides-maid-luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and, of course, a formal wedding!

Add that to two trips and special events…I have much to do.  Many of these places are not for jeans…and lately that is mostly what I wear.

Of course, I want my son to be very proud of the Mother of the Groom.

I will take you along on this journey with me to fill my fashion needs and decisions related to them.  I post what did not work, because just because these did not work for me, doesn’t mean they might not work for one of you.

One thing is for sure, I will be doing more in-store shopping this year, so that I am not constantly returning items.  

I need to see, touch, and try the fit before I know it it fills my fashion needs.

Thanks so much for shopping along with me….and also, thank you to all of you who took the time on New Year’s Day to comment on the posts…just the best blog audience around..

Let me know if you have anything to add about what I have told you as my fashion search for 2023 begins…..then….have a wonderful day and


By Pamela Lutrell

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fashion needs

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