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Happy Monday, ladies! I hope you all had a great weekend! My husband was out of town, and I had babysitting duty on Friday night. I picked up the grandkids from school and took them to our favorite Mexican Food spot, Masero (with my mom). It was a hoot! We love Masero, and so does everyone else in my neck of the woods. It was jam-packed with families, and my grandkids knew everyone in there. Those two kids were like watching politicians schmooze voters! Neither of them has ever met a stranger! We got home and all snuggled up in my bed together. Saturday night was a bit different. I had a fun girl’s night out. It was pretty low-key, but very nice to get out of the house!

Do you all wear many dresses in January? Honestly, I don’t, but I have found some of the prettiest dresses on sale. January is one of those months that I don’t get dressed up often, but things come up that you need a pretty dress for, or you see a great one on sale and hang on to it for next year. I found this beautiful dress that can be worn now with a faux fur or leather jacket over it and in the spring as is. I love the cerulean blue flora print, flutter sleeves, and tiered ruffle skirt. It’s an effortless slip-over style that can be dressed up or down. It was a freezing day when we shot this, so boots and faux fur were necessary. I would wear kitten-heel sandals with this dress too. I believe in cost per wear and try to wear the pieces I have in as many seasons as possible.

I don’t know about you but finding dresses nowadays is a bit difficult. They’re either too short, too low-cut, too bare, too body conscious or have too many cut-outs. I get very frustrated when it comes to looking for a beautiful and appropriate dress. I have rounded up some great dresses below, all on sale and under $500! Whether you wear them now under a coat or sweater, save them for a trip, or put them up for next season, these are great dresses!

I have a dryer that is probably going to the graveyard, but I have to wait on a repairman all day today. I was drying clothes this weekend when I smelled a strong burning smell coming from my laundry room. I opened my dryer, and my clothes smelled burned. The laundry room had a burned smell for hours. Note to self…that is why I never leave my house with my dryer running. It was a little scary!

I hope you have a great day!

Be well and Stay safe! xx

Photos: Heather Johnson

Dress // Fur // Boots // Bag (similar) // Sunglasses

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