How to Dress an Apple Body Shape Over 50

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Understanding and knowing the most flattering way to dress your body shape is an important tool to help you look your best. Fashion is a personal choice and way of expressing herself that every woman should feel empowered to make. These suggestions are not meant to imply that one body type is preferable to another because there is no “perfect” shape. If this is your silhouette, and you want to dress in a way that adds balance to your silhouette, here’s how to dress an apple body shape over 50. I’m not a fan of using fruit names to describe silhouettes, but it’s commonly understood, so here we go.

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Apple Body Shape Characteristics

  • no defined waistline
  • you tend to gain weight around the midsection
  • your shoulders and hips are relatively balanced
  • you can appear top heavy
  • often have a shorter torso
  • slim legs and flat backside
  • average to large bust
  • upper back and ribcage appear wide

Apple body shapes differ from the inverted triangle silhouette by the shoulder width. Both have a wide upper body, but inverted triangles have noticeably wider shoulders and narrow hips. It’s important to note that apple body shapes come in all sizes and are not all plus-sized. Menopause causes many women’s waistlines to get thicker (I know mine sure has), so you may benefit from some of these styling tips to balance the shape of the apple body type.

How to Dress an Apple Body Type

If your goal is to highlight your best assets and downplay your least favorite, read on for a few styling ideas to help visually balance your proportions. This means de-emphasizing your mid-section and avoiding any unnecessary bulk for the apple shape. Avoid extraneous details from your hips to your bust because they draw attention to your midsection. Adding fullness and curves to your bottom half helps balance your midsection.

Column of color dressing is especially flattering on an apple-shaped body. Avoid horizontal stripes in tops and jackets, which make you look wider. Your legs are often fabulous, so consider skirts.

Skirt Styles for Apple Figures


A-line and full skirts that don’t cling are very flattering. Asymmetrical, softly structured, and wrap skirts also work well. Avoid tiers, ruffles, and gathered skirts which add fullness around the waist. Knee length is universally flattering.

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Best Tops for Apple Body Shapes


Baggy, shapeless clothing that covers everything tends to make you look larger. There’s no need to hide your beautiful body! Instead, opt for clothes in slightly structured, soft fabric that doesn’t add excess bulk around your tummy area.  Avoid clingy tops which accentuate your midriff. Choose tops that skim in lightly textured or patterned fabrics that help downplay a larger tummy. Straight, trapeze, a-line, swing, wrap, and tunic tops are your friends. Fit and flare and peplum tops give the illusion of a waist and are also a great option. Tucking in your top draws attention to your waistline. Instead, aim for tops that end below your hip line.

Best Necklines For Apple Shape

Scoop and deep V-necks are great for you because they elongate the look of your torso and draw attention to your face. Be aware that high, narrow, and turtle necklines will make your bustline look larger. A low v-neckline can be your most flattering. Look for embellishments around the neckline that draw the eye to your pretty face.

Not an apple? Read The Best Neckline For Your Face and Body.

Jeans and Trousers for Apple-Shaped Bodies


Look for bootcut, wide-leg, or flare legs that add balance to your wider torso. Skinny jeans or pants do highlight your fabulous legs, but they also make your torso look larger by comparison. Look for pants with a side zip or flat front. Pleats and visible gathers add extra bulk around the midsection, which is the opposite of what you need to balance your proportions. Wide-leg flowy pants are fabulous on the apple body shape.

To create visual balance with the apple silhouette, aim to draw attention away from the widest part of your belly. Belts can be tricky because they visually draw the eye so opt for ones that match your pants or dark shades which visually recede.

Jackets and Coat Shapes for Apple Body


Single-breasted jackets and coats are best on apple shapes. Avoid double-breasted and wrap coats that have an extra layer of fabric and add unnecessary bulk to the tummy area. Belted coats are also not your friend.

Softly structured jackets that are worn open, conceal the sides of your torso, making it appear slimmer. Avoid puffer jackets and vests or the quilted look.

General Guidelines

All women benefit from wearing a properly fitting bra, but even more so for apple body types who have a full bust. An uplifting bra will provide a space between the bottom of your bust and tummy, which looks slimmer than one solid midsection. Many of you had some great bra recommendations, so I’ll be sharing a round-up soon. Eye-catching accessories will draw the eye to your best features. Scarves, necklaces, and earrings are great for drawing attention to your face.

These proportion ideas can be helpful for many body shapes, so if you want to detract attention from your mid-section, these will work for you too.

Are you an apple body shape? Please share in the comments what you like to wear to flatter your shape.

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