How to Wear Pink and Red

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As Valentine’s Day gets closer, I start to wonder if I should do a post about what to wear. Truth be told, I’m not someone who really dresses for a specific holiday. I know that I have many readers out there who love to do this, though. They go all out wearing pink, red, and heart-themed clothing or accessories to get in the mood. I decided to put my own spin on a Valentine’s Day post this year and share how to wear pink and red.

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While these colors are often associated with the holiday, you can wear them together or separately beyond February 14th. I’m going to share why pink and red look great together, how to style the two colors, and a round-up of current pieces from places like Loft, Talbots, Chico’s, and J.Crew Factory.


Can you wear pink and red together?

Of course, you can! Red and pink sit next to each other on the color wheel, which makes them analogous. Analogous color combinations are often fool-proof and have a low contrast. You can wear analogous colors combined in the same item or in separates, such as pink pants with a red sweater.

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Subtle and Sophisticated

I think there are two ways to go about wearing pink and red: subtly and sophisticated or all in and over the top. It really depends on your personality and wardrobe.


For subtle and sophisticated, I lean toward clothing pieces that can be worn again into the spring that doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day. I also think you can keep things subtle by adding fun accessories like a pair of earrings, a brooch, a scarf, or even a pair of socks.

Over the Top

I consider the over-the-top pieces to be ones that really should only be worn leading up to and on February 14th. They aren’t workhorse wardrobe pieces that you can repeatedly wear because they look like Valentine’s Day pieces and will seem out of date soon. If you’re a fan of seasonal clothing and have ample storage room for these pieces, then you’ll love these. If not, opt for some of the more subtle options above.

Shop More Red, Pink, and Heart Styles:

Do you like to wear pink and red together? Are you a fan of heart-themed clothing and accessories?

I’d love to hear from you below!

Be sure to wear what makes you feel confident and delights you.

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