Inside GQ’s “Cocktails and Conversation” Party at Milan Fashion Week

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One of the best parts of Milan Fashion Week men’s, besides seeing the future of menswear being written before our eyes on the runways, is the conversations the GQ team has over antipasti and aperitivos about how the clothes we’re looking at will impact the wider world. This season, we decided to bring these conversations out of the trattoria and in front of an audience of friends and peers with a panel discussion exploring the cultural influence of menswear. Hosted by GQ Italia’s Federico Sarica and moderated by Will Welch, the panel featured a cast of industry all stars: triple-OG A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou, playwright and Gucci guy Jeremy O. Harris, and Supreme alum and Awake NYC founder Angelo Baque. A choice quote, courtesy of Mr. Touitou: “What is swag if not snobbery?” The energy at Ristorante Shangri-La continued into the post-panel cocktail, where the likes of Joe Alwyn, Will Sharpe, and Machine Gun Kelly came through to raise a glass. Check out how the night unfolded below. 

Will Welch Joe Alwyn Adam Baidawi and Will Sharpe

Will Welch, Joe Alwyn, Adam Baidawi, and Will Sharpe

Jeremy O. Harris and Angelo Baque

GQ deputy global editorial director Adam Baidawi

GQ’s Will Welch, Jean Touitou, Jeremy O. Harris, and Angelo Baque

Jean Touitou

Machine Gun Kelly and GQ global editorial director Will Welch

Will Sharpe

GQ’s Samuel Hine, Jeremy O. Harris, and Harrison Patrick Smith

Justin von Keisenberg and Guilia Venturini

Gucci’s Robert Triefus (center)

Giorgio Di Salvo

GQ’s Will Welch and Will Sharpe

David Martin and Enrico Longo

Leonardo Tiezzi (right)

Vogue’s Francesca Ragazzi and Viola Bisiach 

Susan Cappa and Chris Bugg

Georgia Tal and Alberto Zacchini

GQ Italia’s Federico Sarica

Allison Fullin and Ghigo Gabellieri

GQ’s Will Welch and Camilla Venturini

Francesca Ciccone and Valentina De Zanche

Milena Podda and Ines Rovira

GQ’s Miles Pope and Jacopo Bedusi

Vittoria Pietropoli (left)

GQ’s Will Welch, Federico Sarica, Daniel Borras, and Adam Baidawi

Bogi Plakov and Alvin Spazio

Mobolaji Dawodu and GQ’s Miles Pope

Daniel Sansavini and Alvin Spazio

Erin Murray and Vittoria Pietropoli

Britt Koopmans and Simone Ferraro

Ines Rovira, Elisa Jane, Milena Podda, and Jon Morales

Mobolaji Dawodu and GQ’s Will Welch

Gloria Gotti and Daniel Sansavini

Guilia Venturini, Mobolaji Dawodu, and Camilla Venturini

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