Mother- of -the -groom journey: the cake tasting

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mother-of-the-groom journey

Happy Thursday, friends.  Today is another installment of my mother-of-the-groom journey…the cake tasting.

It was such a blessing to be included in the cake tasting by the bride’s family…a blessing and delicious!

The day began cold here in South Texas and I knew might be a nice casual event.

That is what I kept in mind when I went to the closet for this part of the mother-of-the-groom journey.

So, here is what you may want to know from this part of the journey…all you mother-of-the-groom women out there anyway.


mother-of-the-groom journey

We had two big events that evening…the cake tasting, and after that a family dinner to celebrate Mr. B’s birthday.

I was pleased when I arrived at the bride’s parents home to see she had on similar style…casual pants, nice top, short necklace and a long cardigan (her selection was animal print).

All of these pieces were living in my closet…I did not shop for what I would wear to the cake tasting, but still wanted to be my polished, creative, approachable, joyful, current me.

This is a Soft Surroundings cardigan I purchased on sale last year; the blouse is Chico’s in their jasper color, and the pants are Talbot’s jeggings…the colors were perfect together.

The only thing new here is the pair of Zodiac leather flats in Cognac I recently found at Marshall’s.

I like how far down the front of the shoe comes because if you have funky toes like I do, it is really helpful. When my toes are happy, I am happy!

If the shoe interests you, and so far I am pleased with it, here are places you can find it:

Zodiac Leather flats at Macy’s

Zodiac Leather flats at Dillard’s

Zodiac Leather flats at Nordstrom

I was very pleased with what I wore for the evening as the mother-of-the-groom and felt confident. 

Most of the wedding events will be in warmer weather and those are the ones I am shopping for the most.



The cake tasting was lovely, and intimate with the couple and their parents.

Again, this mother-of-the-groom is so grateful they included us and I love the opportunities to know her family better.

They set up a small dining area with cupcakes representing different flavors.

First we toasted with champagne to my son and his bride-to-be.

Then we passed around the cupcakes and each took at bite on our plates…the flavors where on the bottoms of the plates.

Then we shared what we thought…conclusion, all of them were amazing.

mother-of-the-groom journey

However, the winner is almond cake, with strawberry filling, and vanilla buttercream icing.


Now, this was fun!  And so was the celebration for Mr. B later in the evening….which included lobster mashed potatoes!

OK, back to healthy eating now.

It is fun to take you along on my mother-of-the-groom journey…of course, leave any questions or thoughts here.  Thanks for joining in…


By Pamela Lutrell

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mother-of-the-groom journey


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