My Latest Amazon Haul And What I’m Keeping

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Everyone seems to love a try-on haul, and I can understand why. You get to see lots products, what it looks like on a normal person (not a size 0), and hear about the sizing, fabric, etc. So, today I’ve got a huge Amazon haul and I’ll be giving up the details on what I’m keeping, what’s going back, and why.

Let’s start out with a keeper! I love this black and white stripped sweater with the button detail. It is a beautiful sweater that looks and feels like an expensive sweater. The medium in perfect for me, so it fits TTS. The sweater comes in several different colors and a few other versions.

I’m wearing the same girlfriend jeans from Banana Republc Factory. These have slight distressing, and fit TTS. I’m wearing a size 8.

Ignore my wonky brows. Lol! I didn’t use my brow gel to keep them from moving, and all the sweaters going on and off have got them looking crazy. I’ll try to show you an up-close photo of the tops so you can see alll the details better.

This sweater will be going back. I like the look of this sweater, but it is too oversized for me. I’m wearing a medium, and it still swallows me. I do like the back of the sweater ties for a cute detail.

I love this heart sweater, but the large is a little big on me. I’m sending this back, and instead ordered the white with a red heart in a medium. I’m crossing my fingers that the medium fits well because this is super cute, a nice weight, and will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

It will also look great with leggings or dressed up with pants or a skirt.

You can see how nice the sweater is in this photo.

Here is another keeper! I love this pink Pointelle Crewneck Sweater, and it is another one that looks and feels expensive. I know some of you worry about the quality of Amazon clothing, but I think you would be happy with this one. It comes in several colors, and the medium is perfect for me.

In this photo you can see the pointelle detail on the shoulders.

This is another sweater that I’m sending back, but placing another order. The medium fits me fine, but I’m not a fan of the hummus color against my skintone. So, I’m ordering the Heather Frost instead. I love the large collar, and it is another sweater that looks and feels expensive. This one is one of the more expensive sweaters I’m styling, but the quality matches the price.

This Fisherman sweater is gorgeous! I love the 100% cotton fabric, it feels so nice against my skin. I’m a fan of the longer length of this sweater, and the large is the correct size for me. I’m trying to decide if I’m keeping the sweater or sending it back for a different color. I have another sweater very similar to this in almost the same color, so I need to decide which sweater I like the best.

Man, oh man, this is such a pretty, nice medium weight sweater!

I’ll probably be sending this color block sweater back. I keep ordering color block sweaters, but I usually end up sending them back. I like the colors of this sweater, and it is a nice weight, but since I don’t “love” it, I think it has to go back. The medium fits great, and it is available in a lot of different color combinations and prints.

This sweater set will be going back. I’m not a fan of the color or the material. If you live in a warmer climate, this might be a set for you since it is a lighter weight. I do like the pockets on the pants, but they feel a little tight. I’m wearing a medium and the top fits fine, but the bottoms feel too tight.

I do like this Cheetah print puffer coat! I think it is warm and stylish, and it looks great with the sweater set. This puffer is warm, but it is not a heavy duty puffer, so don’t expect it to keep you warm in below 0 weather. But, for an everyday coat, this would be great.

I’m wearing a medium which is a perfect fit. But, if I wear it with a heavier sweater, I would want to size up to a large. I don’t think the large would be too loose, so I might send this back for a larger size.

Look at the sheen on this coat.

This lightweight puffer coat was one that I couldn’t wait to come in. I thought it was going to be the product that I loved, but sadly that isn’t the case. I love the hot pink color, but since I hold all my weight in my waist, the cinch waist doesn’t do anything for me.

This lilac hoodie is a keeper! It is so soft and comfy, and I love the color. This hoodie comes in several colors, and I’m thinking that the navy would be a great neutral to wear with jeans.

I’m wearing a pair of navy jogger pants that have large patch pockets in the front. I like this pair, and I’ll be keeping them for lounging around the house. The large is fine, not too tight and not too baggy.

I wish you could feel this fleece hoodie! It is very soft and super cute.

Even though it looks like the same pair of pants, this is a different pair. I’m going to be sending this pair back since I don’t need both of them. This pair is a large also, but it is more oversized than the pair above. Also, this pair doesn’t have pockets, so between the two, I like the one above better.

I hope you enjoyed this Amazon haul, and be sure to comment what is your favorite item.

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