Save 20% on Our Favorite Tri-Fuel Generator This Winter

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Power outages can happen during any time of year. And while they can occur for a few different reasons, extreme weather conditions like the cold fronts in Texas can leave you in a dangerous spot to be without power. If you are, understandably, worried about maintaining power this winter, consider a tri-fuel generator like the DuroMax XP1300HXT — on sale for $500 off today on Amazon.

DuroMax XP13000HXT Tri-Fuel Portable Generator

 XP13000HXT Tri-Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax XP13000HXT Tri-Fuel Portable Generator

Now 20% Off

You could opt for a single-fuel or dual-fuel generator, but tri-fuel generators are a considerable upgrade, as they run on propane, natural gas, and gasoline — which gives you the most options to power your home. Versatility is one of the reasons we like the DuroMax XP13000HXT so much, plus it’s set on fat wheels with deep treads, has a fold-down handle, and is easy to operate.

At 260 pounds, this beast is one of the heavier options on the market, but it delivers up to 13,000 peak watts on gasoline, which provides enough juice to power appliances. If you use propane or natural gas, the peak wattage is slightly less.

Other highlights include a built-in carbon monoxide sensor, a push-button or remote start, and an LED display. It also comes with a 50-amp plug for direct hookup via transfer switch.

The Environmental Defense Fund cites that extreme weather conditions are becoming more dangerous, likely due to climate change. So if you don’t already own a home generator and you’ve been considering buying one, now is the time to capitalize.

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