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shop Chico's

Happy Monday, ladies!  I am excited to share with you the first post of Shop Chico’s with Karen, Leigh,& Me!

When you shop Chico’s for January, you will see so much fun, because they are packed with new styles…so we took a new friend.

As I wrote this weekend…just consider this the small, medium and large version as we shop Chico’s.

Leigh Ann is a Petite who often wears the petite sizing at Chico’s….and she tends to wear the size 0.

When Karen went to shop Chico’s as a size 10, she made Size 2 selections.  Karen and I are about the same height.

At this time, I am sometimes a 2 and sometimes a 3, and I size down on larger garments.

I have not tried the Petite sizes at Chico’s just yet for me…but I promise to do that soon.

It is so new to me to think Petites that sometimes I forget! (Read Friday’s Post if you have not heard my latest size development).

So let’s get started and have you shop Chico’s with us…it was fun and we have so much to show you that Part 2 (featuring navy) will post tomorrow.

Remember, we try on all colors for those of you who do not wear the colors we wear.

The posts are more about shopping for YOU than for us.


shop Chico's

I introduced the new colors to you last Would You Wear It which we discovered how best to shop Chico’s January collection.

Karen is a brand new retiree, and brand new grandmother of two born a month a part.

In fact, I could’ve called this post Shop Chico’s with Meme, Cece, & Gigi!

Anyway, she will need a more casual lifestyle and she does like to look her best.

Karen is wearing the 3/4 Sleeve Tropical Print Slub Tee which is so popular that you may need a notification when it is re-stocked if you do not have it in-store.

She is wearing this colorful top with the Zenergy Polished Pant in Classic Navy.…(tomorrow’s post will feature our new favorite Zenergy pant!)

shop Chico's

Leigh loves to wear shorts and skirts, so she began with this fun tropical look.

She is wearing the So Slimming Girlfriend Short in Wisteria Blue and a size 0.5.

She liked the tank top so much that she asked me about Chico’s Microfiber Tanks…I have always liked their tanks and color options.

Currently, you can purchase them for $19 in lots of colors.  This color on Leigh Ann is called Conch Shell.

Finally, she tops her outfit off with the Spun Rayon Mediterranean Cardigan in a 0.

shop Chico's

I need to carry a dryer sheet with me this time of year.

I love this poncho for the cool color ladies…however, it was super clingy with static!

This is the Mediterranean Coast Sheer Poncho…and I sized down to a S/M.  It would also be a lovely swimsuit coverup!

shop Chico's

This reversible Floral Drama Ruana was in the smaller size, but I believe would have fit me better and laid smoother in the larger size…it would it have more fabric though.

You can see how the fabric bunches at the top.  It is more like a topper or kimono to me than a ruana.

For many pieces I tried this day to shop Chico’s, I am wearing my favorite Chico’s pull on jeggings.

shop Chico's

You will begin to see how we discovered while as we shop Chico’s that SLEEVES are a big part of the new collection story.

Karen is a classic dresser, but must be ready to have some fashion fun because she liked the sleeve-embellishments!

This is the Pima Ruched Knit Woven Mix Tee in the Conch Shell Color...a fun twist on a traditional tee and in three colors, including classic navy.


shop Chico's

shop Chico's

All of us loved these Heart Print pull-on cuff ankle jeggings and agreed that we would wear them all year long.

Who wants to stop spreading love after Valentine’s Day…not us!

shop Chico's

shop Chico's

Leigh Ann looks super cute pairing the jeggings with this Knit Woven Mix Puffed Sleeve.

A nice top this time of year is a Chico’s denim jacket…and I love the way they design their jackets with lots of flattering seams.

This is the Petite Fray-Hem Denim Jacket in Palace Indigo.  She is wearing a Petite 1.

shop Chico's

shop Chico's

These girls were having too much fun in the heart-jeggings, and fun sleeves!

Karen tried on the 3D Embroidered Poplin Stripe Shirt in a size 2.

shop Chico's

Here is a closeup of this beautiful new Beaded Multi- Strand Necklace which compliments many of these new colors.

Most of you know that when I shop Chico’s,  it always means I take time with the jewelry…just love to see what is new.

That gets us started on our recent finds while we shop Chico’s for January…we have more for you tomorrow and I will show you an outfit I did purchase for travel this year.

Any thoughts on our first Shop Chico’s with Karen, Leigh & Me!  Does it help to see three different body types and sizes?  We would love to know!

Thanks for joining in today…hope to see you tomorrow for Part 2…and always ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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