Sunday Mornings at Home – 2023 edition

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Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy 2023, everyone!  I love it that Sunday Mornings at Home begins our new year…super cool!

For anyone who might be new,  on Sundays I share thoughts or special happenings from the past week, or thoughts on the week ahead.

It is just my weekly musings and the audience seems to enjoy the posts, so I have kept them going.

For Sunday Mornings at Home – 2023 edition, I do have much on my mind and do not know if I will share it all here today.

So, grab a warm beverage and cozy spot and let’s get this new year going.


Sunday mornings at home

Several years ago, I stopped writing resolutions…they always seemed to be the same…and many never happened which often added stress.

At that time of awakening, I started to pick a key word for the year…one to be aware of and to focus on throughout the year.  That has worked well.

I write the word in my planner at the beginning of the week and on a sticky note at the bottom of my computer.

So, here goes for my 2023 Word of the Year…..

Sunday Mornings at Home

I have always been an advocate of living life ONE DAY AT A TIME, but last year, I lost that compass.

I began the year making so many plans, but each time they seemed to be wrecked by a life event.

Now, there is nothing wrong with planning and for many areas of our lives, like travel, it is necessary to make those plans.

But, how do we react to it when they do not happen…does that rob our joy?  Was anyone here a stranded Southwest Airlines traveler recently?

I had several plans that just did not happen last year, and I confess that took me down a path I did not want to go…so enough.

Are you familiar with that quote, “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a GIFT.  That is why it’s called the present.”

My word for 2023 is TODAY!

I am going to be purposeful to look at each day as a GIFT and determine what I will do with it.  Life is short and I want all my days to be meaningful.

Then I will take the challenges of each day, and focus on what I can learn from them and what adjustments to make…but not allow them to shut me down. 

I already have a few challenges on the 2023 calendar…but I will deal with them one day at a time.

I tossed around in my mind several different words last week, but when this one hit, it felt right and empowering.  TODAY!


Sunday mornings at home

Any communicator reassess at the beginning of the year.

I want you to know that I am dedicated to THE BLOG – OVER 50 FEELING 40.

I am a writer and a blogger at heart.

When I turned 50 (Yikes! Almost 20 years ago!), I went through a wake moment about me.

Basically, I had put me on the bottom of my priority list as a mother, wife, and teacher for many years…I was kind of a train wreck.

My wakeup moment resulted in a huge makeover and as I learned so much about clothing, beauty, health and lifestyle, one of my closest friends said, “You need to blog!”

I researched blogging and decided to give it a go…that was 12 years ago.  And I love the community and the women I have met as a blogger.

However, the rest of social media is so stressful to me…I am not a natural at Instagram, Facebook and Youtube where mostly (not all) influencers are attempting to sell product.

I have tried to be, but so often I feel like it takes me away from why I am here.

Sunday Mornings at Home

My purpose has always been to educate, inspire, and encourage women in their second half of life.  It is my passion.

I will continue to do social media because the brands I work with want to see it…I just am not going to stress out about it so much…I want to have fun with it or not do it.

I do need to work with brands and sell through my links in order to help provide for my family, but I do not want that to be my main focus.

You are the reason I am here and I so appreciate those who have followed and supported me for years.

The reality is that my audience and me are not getting any younger, so my focus will continue to be on that audience and the needs to help navigate the second half of life with joy.

Someone always asks at the beginning of a new year….Why don’t you change the name of the blog?

Branding is important in the world of marketing and we get identified by our names and blog names, so it would actually hurt my online presence to change it.

However, we will always be OVER 50 (the rest of our days) and the statement FEELING 40 represents a desire to feel youthful and our healthy best.

This is long, so I will bring it to a close today though I am pondering much about the blog lately.



Sunday mornings at home

Now, what is on your mind as you read through SUNDAY MORNINGS AT HOME….did you select a word for the year...would love to hear it?

Tomorrow, I will begin a discussion about my fashion needs in 2023, which have changed!

Thank you again for being here…for your support…and always make sure that you….



By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home

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