The ABC of wardrobe evaluation

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wardrobe evaluation

Good morning!  Just like that, it is Fashion Friday, and today I want to share with you my ABC of wardrobe evaluation.

I believe all of us have times in our lives, often over years, where our wardrobes stay the same and do not change that much.

The last five years of my professional life was that way…little change in style or overall wardrobe.

But, since I left that world, it seems I have found myself in a constant state of wardrobe evaluation.  Today, I will explain why.

Then I will share my ABC format of how I am looking at wardrobe evaluation…yet again.

Just because many of us are “older” does not mean we are stagnant and do not have occasional needs to evaluating what we wear.

So, sit down and spend some time with me……


wardrobe evaluation

wardrobe evaluation

The “A” of wardrobe evaluation is always to look at your current clothing and remember how you got there.  

Many of you know that I drastically changed my wardrobe during pandemic time, by embracing Annie Castano’s advice that I am a Vibrant Autumn Color Palette.

I saw a positive change immediately in my complexion when I sent away the majority of my Winter palette wardrobe, and the black pieces I wore often.

At that time, wardrobe evaluation was all about color, so when I look at my wardrobe, I now see a coordinated group of clothes that all support one another in the same color family

That is a good thing.

wardrobe evaluation

At that time, Annie also recommended that I embrace “bohemian” style, so I tried it.

But, my attempts to wear what I thought was “bohemian” did not feel like me.

It was difficult for me to dress that way every day.

So, I decided to ditch the label and return to my favorite way to dress…with style adjectives.

I ask each day I put on an outfit ….Does this tell the world that I am creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current.

If the outfit speaks all of those messages…then I am good to go…it is Pamela-style.

wardrobe evaluation

However, the great thing about blogging is that I have pictures to look back over which log my outfits.

In looking at them recently, I surmised that my adjective order really is polished, approachable, current, creative and joyful.  

Most days I see that I take a foundation of polish, and build on it with the other adjectives.

When I dress this way, I am at my confident best and that results in joyful fashion.

My creativity is most often expressed through accessories.

This is why it is important to first look at what is in your closet and where you have been before going forward.

Sometimes style adjectives can reveal even more about our style when we look closely at how we interpret them.


wardrobe evaluation

B. Consider why you feel a change needs to happen with your wardrobe now

The reason I began a new wardrobe evaluation is because of this one word….FIT.

I am experiencing some success with weight loss and my body is changing.  I desire my wardrobe to change with it.

That means wearing clothing that fits me well and it also means that I stop hiding under oversized tops.

This does take time, and I know those of you who are curvy like I am understand when I say that I have grown to rely on those toppers and third pieces to help with body confidence.

I so hope that is changing and I want to add shorter more fitted pieces to my casual wardrobe…which is predominately larger, flowy pieces.


wardrobe evaluation

C.  A wardrobe evaluation can happen when new needs arise.

Regular readers here know that I have new needs for 2023…a wedding as Mother -of- the -Groom, and some travel.

My current wardrobe evaluation revealed a huge missing piece….dresses!  I am now more open to wearing them.

Does a wardrobe evaluation mean I am changing who I am and what I want to say with my wardrobe?  A resounding no!

I will continue to wear my best colors….I will continue to use my style adjectives to guide each outfit I wear…and I will continue to go out the door with a confident smile.

But, I understand that I do have needs in this wardrobe evaluation, so I must be prudent with my decisions…I need several new outfits.

I think that is a big reason why I am saving money and going with lower price points for workout wear….I have to save somewhere.

Again, my wedding journey will be discussed here…there may not be updates until February…just to let you know.

At age 69, I am surprised that I am still doing a wardrobe evaluation, but glad it is happening.  It’s fun!  And keeps life interesting as we look for adventure one day at a time.

Is anyone else going through a wardrobe evaluation right now…for any reason…please share your thoughts.  It is never too late to shake things up a bit.


NOTES: 1. The jacket and sweater I am wearing today are navy blue (not black) 2. Yesterday’s discussion was amazing…learned so much from the readers!

Remember, tomorrow is Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer…..and for Friday make sure you……………..


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wardrobe evaluation

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