Things from Amazon You Didn’t Know You Needed: Cleaning and Laundry Favorites

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Ugh, cleaning and laundry…Those two dreaded tasks that we all wish that we didn’t have to do. But alas, the products in today’s post might just make these dirty jobs a little easier, a little prettier, and a little more fun! If you are new to the blog, I recently started a new series called “Things from Amazon You Didn’t Know You Needed” featuring handy gadgets from Amazon that won’t break the bank and make your life easier. If you want to check out the other posts in the series, you can find them here:

Keep reading to see what cleaning and laundry Amazon gadgets and tools I’m sharing!

Cleaning and Laundry Favorites from Amazon

I’ve heard people say my entire life that their washing machine must eat their socks, haha. There always seem to be some socks that just go missing! This sock laundry tool keeps your socks in pairs so there are no more missing socks and you aren’t spending any more of your precious time mating socks.

Cleaning out your lint trap often is a must for making sure your clothes dry as fast as possible, and also for preventing fires. This lint container would be so cute displayed in a laundry room, and then you can just drop the lint into it without having to go all the way to a garbage can! I’m grabbing this plus a dryer sheet holder that looks like it would match.

Ok, this has to go in my laundry room right now! Could this make your laundry room cuter? Look how adorable this rug is, and the saying is SO true. Laundry really is a never-ending cycle, haha! This rug is padded and waterproof, which makes it great for in front of a washer and dryer. It comes in several colors, but I love the white and dark grey versions!

If your broom closet is a mess (and mine is), whip it into shape with this handy wall organizer for your mops, brooms, and dusters. It would also work great in a garage or garden shed for rakes and shovels.

When my daughter came back from Alaska, she brought her long-haired cat, Tom. This tool was a life saver!!! If you have a fur baby that sheds, you should check out this hair-removing tool. It took the hair off my leggings when Tom would show his love by rubbing up against me, the couch, the bedspreads, well, I think you get the picture! It’s also great for car upholstery, floors, etc.

Since we are on the topic of upholstery, this Little Green Machine from Bissell will you have addicted to cleaning all of your upholstery. It’s shocking to see how dirty the water gets from a couch or upholstered chair that “looks” clean! I like that you can spot clean without having to lug around a huge carpet cleaning machine.

There is nothing worse than trying to dust a window blind! I have inside sutters on every window, so I am ordering one of these pronto to try out. It says to be sure to pair it with a cleaning spray to make things easier.

Do you make your bed every morning? If you do and you love a perfectly made bed, you need to try this! This tool allows you to get a tight tuck of your bedsheets without having to lift the corners of a heavy mattress.

No matter if you’re a Stanley cup gal or you prefer a Yeti or Hydroflask, one thing is for certain, and that is it’s hard to get to the bottom of those cups and in the crevices of the top and straw when hand washing. One of these bottle brush sets makes scrubbing your favorite water bottle or cup a breeze!

This stainless steel sign for your dishwasher is a clever way to alert your family members to if your dishes are clean or dirty! This is especially helpful if you live with teens or young adults, haha!

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