We Guessed How Much Professional Arm Wrestlers Can Curl

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ARM WRESTLING IS more than just a macho contest reserved for dive bars and basements or on stunt YouTube videos. There’s a pro league, and a healthy circuit of contests across the country.

While these competitors depend on skill and technique to win their one on one matches, this is still a contest of strength. Men’s Health correspondent Tony Xie went to one of these showdowns in Phoenix, Arizona to size up the strength of several competitors.

A bunch of seasoned athletes stepped up to the spotlight for our game, both state and national champions alike. Some have been competing in professional arm wrestling for over 40 years. Xie took a stab at guessing their max biceps curl after interrogating them on their background and taking stock of their dominant arm. Along the way, the competitors shared some gruesome stories about the worst injuries these athletes have seen in the sport, and of course, who their ultimate competitor would be. Our favorite: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sure, biceps strength is vital in the sport of arm wrestling, but you won’t believe the weights some of these folks can put up. In true Hulk fashion, not a single person we talked to came up short of triple digits. The top weight peaked at 185 pounds—as Xie notes, more than lots of men weigh.

Xie did his best with his guesses, but he vastly underestimated the strength of these athletes. He walked away with his worst Guessing Gains record yet, finishing at a brutal 1 for 6. Let that be a lesson to you: Never underestimate an arm wrestler.

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Cori Ritchey, NASM-CPT is an Associate Health & Fitness Editor at Men’s Health and a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. You can find more of her work in HealthCentral, Livestrong, Self, and others.

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