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Happy New Year, ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve! I took some much-needed time off to spend with family and friends. My daughter and son-in-law (to-be) packed up their house and moved to Los Angeles three days after Christmas. They took my baby girl with them ( so rude and mean)! It was a very emotional goodbye, and I am happy I had those couple days with them before they left. We flew to Florida and met some of our best friends in Rosemary Beach for New Year’s Eve. We had a relaxing and fun time with them, and it was good to get away (thank you, Southwest Airlines, for getting us there!).

I can’t believe another year has come and gone! Time seems to go faster with each year. Do you have any resolutions or goals set? I rarely make resolutions because I always seem to break them and then feel guilty. I have set a few goals instead. One is a pretty lofty one. If I write it and tell all of you, it will spur me on to do it. I am going to tempt to start a YouTube channel. YIKES! It took me so long to learn how to write a blog and link everything, so I wonder how long it will take me to get this going!!! I am going to try, however! The other goal is to clean our garage and attic, which will probably take me the entire year! We’ve put it off for three years and it’s time!

I’m going, to be honest with all of you. It’s hard to pick out outfits in January to show. The stores are full of leftover sales, and the resort is making its way in, but wearing it right now looks weird. I found this adorable wrap cardigan that can be worn now and even taken on a beach trip for nighttime. It’s hard to see in the photos, but this cardigan has beaded fringe detailing on the back and sleeves. I wanted to mix a striped shirt (I already had) with it to give it a little “extra something.” I’m sorry to say that these faux leather pants are pretty much sold out in black, but these are almost identical. I’ve worn them so much! These three pieces can be worn with many other items in your closet.

When I was in LA a few weeks back, I took the plunge and let a hairdresser chop my hair, and I LOVE it. I was scared to let her, but I needed a change and am so happy I did it. Change is good but hard to do sometimes. It helped that the girl who cut it said it would make me look younger! When she said that, I was like, let’s do it! I’m not sure it worked, but it feels better!

We head back to Dallas this morning after a very fun time with our friends. My mouth hurts from laughing so much! Back to reality! We have some major things coming up this month, so I am going to get my sh*t together over the next week. I hope you have a great week!

Be well and Stay safe!

Photos: Heather Johnson

Cardigan // Shirt // Pants– mostly sold out (similar) // Boots (similar) // Bag (similar)

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