4 simple ways mature women avoid looking old

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avoid looking old

Happy Monday, friends.  Today I am sharing 4 simple ways mature women avoid looking old.

This post is NOT about beauty treatments…makeup, skincare, hair color, injections, your decolletage, sunscreen etc.  Yet, discussing all of those has merit.

However, my 4 simple ways for mature women to avoid looking old begin on a deeper level.

On my recent vacation, I had a great amount of time to sit, ponder and observe.


avoid looking old

 Last week, I spent some time around the resort pool and in the spa observing mature women.  I feel comfortable in saying that Cabo tourists were easily mostly retired, over 60 individuals.

This post is the fruit of my spying…or rather…observing… the visitors there.

avoid looking old


The first way mature women can avoid looking old is to be thankful in our circumstances no matter what those circumstances are.

I realize this can be difficult, but also believe there is always something to be thankful for.  That thankfulness will be reflected in your smile and on your countenance every day…and results will be you avoid looking old.

One of my favorite encounters since beginning the blog was with a car salesman.  He was dressed, as they say, to the nines and wore a big bright smile.  It was a natural smile, not a smile forced by many salesmen.

I complimented his attire, and he proceeded to tell me about his mother growing up.

“She always dressed her best and was thankful.  Though we lived in public housing and had very little. Her dresses were donations, but she cleaned the garments, sewed the holes, and happily wore them over and over again.  She would constantly tell me to be thankful for what we have and to dress as if we lived in a big fancy house.  She did not want to face God each morning with an ungrateful look on her face.  She taught me that dressing nice would open doors ….and it certainly made a difference as I went out into the world.”


avoid looking old


The second way mature women avoid looking old is to be present where they are.

Be in the moment and resist temptation to worry or scowl over past or future events.  Smile and laugh…it feels good.

You could tell the women who were enjoying each moment of the day.  Their smiles and laughter made me want to know them and they did look younger from the ones who looked despondent even in a beautiful place.

Frowns will lead to mature women looking old.

As I was on the massage tables last week, I kept having to remind myself to be present there and enjoy it.  So often, my mind would attempt to go back to worries or issues to be dealt with when I got back home. 

At one point I was saying to myself…STOP, ENJOY.

There are times we must mentally throw a lasso around negative or worrisome thoughts and pull them in so we can be present to enjoy the moment or learn from the moment.

Take a moment…look around where you are…you just might see something new.


avoid looking old


 Number three is another challenge for many of us.

Mature women avoid looking old when we embrace the changes occurring to us due to aging.

I know sounds crazy…right?

I believe the oldest woman around the pool last week was easily in her 80s, but she looked younger than the rest of us.

She was wearing a vibrant swimsuit, covered by a see-through topper, a matching sun visor, fashionable sunglasses, and flip flops.  She had not covered up her wrinkles, or legs revealing blood vessels, or aging hands…but rather was laughing and enjoying her time.

She did not look “old,” but instead reflected youthful exuberance and seemed to have come to terms with her aging body.  She was not hiding.

It may not make sense, but when we spend time covering up…we often look older than we are.

She inspired me to return to wearing shorts.  I have avoided it for several years, but tomorrow I will speak more about this topic.


avoid looking old


Finally, the fourth simple way mature women avoid looking old is to dress and look our best for every single day.

I was reminded of this during my recent illness last October – December.  I went days on end in my pjs and a robe, no makeup, and began to feel old for the first time.

I am not saying to pull out the dresses when we are ill.  I am giving an illustration of how not caring for our appearance results in us looking old and worn out.

I looked and felt so much older during that time. 

My vacation was literally a breeze blowing away those feelings and returning me to feeling healthy and confident….youthful.

I am back to not feeling 69.  In fact, I constantly remind myself I will be 70 this year and will continue to avoid looking old.

avoid looking old

It is so easy during an illness or even during retirement to allow our daily appearance to go to the bottom of our priority list.  Just remember what the consequences are…we will look and feel old.

When we dress for the day, we are much more likely to engage with people around us and to experience more happiness, purpose, and enjoyment with life.  AND, avoid looking old.

I said these ways are simple ways to avoid looking old. Some of you are thinking…not so simple to be thankful, not worry, embrace our aging bodies, and dress for each day.  Many of you just wanted a new makeup recommendation!

Join me then in remembering each morning the car salesman’s mother.  No matter what, she looked her best and I can only imagine what her public housing circumstance looked like around her.  But, she still left a powerful legacy for her children…be thankful, don’t be a victim, dress like a victor.

Dress for the day with confidence!


I told everyone I would share this week my thought processes from my vacation…today’s post was a good beginning.  Hope to see you tomorrow and make sure that you….


NOTE:  THIS SLIDESHOW IS WHAT I AM WEARING AS I DRESSED FOR THE DAY TO RUN ERRANDS LAST WEEK…my top is super marked down and I am wearing a petite size:

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avoid looking old


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