Boldly step out in Chico’s styles

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step out in Chico's

Happy Tuesday!  Today I continue a discussion of how my recent trip opened my eyes in many ways…so I stopped by to Boldly step out in Chico’s styles.

There is nothing particularly bold in this first photo so stick with me as I go through my thought processes and why I chose to step out in Chico’s.

I have been a pretty good proponent of accepting and embracing changes in my body as I age.

My ears ripped years ago…were repaired…and ripped again…so I do not wear earrings…but embrace and love other accessories.

My hammer toes are curling more and more all of the time, and I still wear sandals and hope they will not scare young children!

However, watching women on vacation and also motivated by the upcoming wedding, have encouraged me to boldly step out more.


step out in Chico's

In Mexico, I watched women of all ages boldly stepping out in shorts.

Over the past wardrobe purges, I sent shorts on their merry way thinking my legs were getting “too old” to wear them.

But, I was wrong! So, I decided this past weekend to step out in Chico’s shorts and return to the cool side.

You would think since I live in a very warm climate, I would have kept the shorts….but vanity won for awhile.

step out in Chico's

Both of these shorts are the So Slimming Brigitte 10″ Shorts in classic navy and sycamore (khaki) colors.

Believe it or not, my legs have some color on them from the trip…I am pretty pale.   I still see older legs, but honestly, it was freeing to step out in Chico’s dressing room area.

Look out world…the legs are back!

These shorts have a lot of stretch in them so I did size down and purchased the fit of the second picture, but the color of the first.

I want to try one pair and see how it goes…but several shoppers in Chico’s said they own several pair of this style.

I also plan to return to Chico’s and hopefully they will have some of the Zenergy shorts in store.

I kept this top on because I liked the way it fit and the fabric.  This is the TOUCH OF COOL FRINGE DENIM SHIRT.

I love to step out in Chico’s Touch of Cool options…the fabrics are perfect for warmer climate.

Let’s go on and discuss fit…..


step out in Chico's

Body acceptance at any age is a big hurdle for many,  many women.

I have hidden in my clothing for years and am now motivated to step out in clothing that fits my body better.

My goal is to wear less oversized styles and more styles with fit.

That is why I decided to step out in Chico’s and see what I thought about the fit of smaller sizes.

I think I own four denim shirts and they all are oversized/tunic styles, so the Chico’s denim top is refreshing to me and more where I want to me.

I love the fit of the black shirt and hope this top will be offered in navy at some point.

But, ladies who wear black…this is a great top for you to step out in Chico’s and enjoy….it Is the Floral Print 3/4 Sleeve Tee.

The scarf -like sleeves flow so pretty and feel so cool.  If I wore black, it would’ve gone home with me.

The pants are a capri length, and I really prefer on me a crop or ankle leg in months I wear less full length pants.

Here are more tops currently at Chico’s with better fit…click through the image to see even more….


step out in Chico's

You know I have no problems stepping out in Chico’s style with their accessories. I threw this in because there are some great items and prices right now.

If you go Into a store this week, go to the accessories on sale rack…such fun, amazing deals there.

This super cute lemon necklace was only $9….and all of the necklaces in this post were on sale.

Since I still have money on my Christmas gift card, I brought home the Pendant Y Necklace, and the Multi-Color Beads Single Strand Necklace.

I also had a REWARD from my Chico’s reward shopping.

Who cares if my ears are ripped when there are bold fabulous necklaces to enjoy!

step out in Chico's

And do not forget that fun readers and sunglasses are a great way to stay youthful and current.

Step out in Chico’s fun accessories of all types.


step out in Chico's

The choice to boldly step out in Chico’s really was mostly about legs.

It was the shorts that took me there recently and I want you to know that is a new bold step for me.

The wedding has motivated me to wear more dresses and I continue to shop them now…but again that is a big step…

I plan to wear shorter dresses with confidence and a smile.

The past three years found me and many you navigating changes from work to home, and advancing in age.

My eyes have been opened to the fact that I was going through the changes by attempting to look stylish, but covered.

I plan for that to change going forward!

How to you plan to boldly step out this year?  Can you identify with my struggles to cover certain areas?  What are your thoughts on stepping out in Chico’s.

Thanks so much for being here and sharing…let me know if you have any questions…and let’s continue to


By Pamela Lutrell

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step out in Chico's

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