Destination Cabo: Refresh, Restore, and Refocus

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destination Cabo

Happy February, everyone and welcome back to the blog!  Today, I want to share where I have been with Destination Cabo: Refresh, Restore, and Refocus!

I know the blog was silent for only three days, however, I was in the gorgeous destination Cabo San Lucas for seven days.

Though you see a cruise ship behind me and Mr. B, we were not on a cruise but joining family for a wonderful trip in their time share.

Our resort was located in the bay where the cruise ships dock…I think we saw eight different ships including Disney.

A wonderful member of our blog community, Linda D, gave me the trip theme in a comment where she said to “refresh, restore, and revitalize.”

After some thought, I tweaked her comment a bit believing my trip allowed me to refresh, restore, and refocus.

Over the next few days, I will be sharing many specifics…but today, let’s begin with these results.


destination Cabo

Destination Cabo was mainly for me to refresh…me!

The different challenges in my life from 2022 had encompassed me like a heavy blanket wrapping up an elderly woman who has given up on life. She just sits and stares.

I was headed in that direction and one point…though had not reached it yet. 

I needed the refreshment to stand up…throw off the blanket…and return to vibrant me…the woman who previously found enjoyment in every stage of life.

destination Cabo

Destination Cabo was the perfect place to refresh.  Every day, a cool, dry refreshing breeze filled my senses and drew me to the beauty of the surroundings.

Mornings on our balcony listening to the gentle waves rise up on the beach and sitting in this breeze were healing and refreshing.  Empowering.

It was as if the waves grabbed the past year and washed it all out to sea.


destination Cabo

When I began to plan and look ahead to 2023, I also saw the need to face facts…the past year had weighed my emotions down and left me feeling…well…old and tired.

After the attack last spring, FEAR gripped me everywhere I went…even to the market and, yes, in my own neighborhood where it occurred.

Once we admit that we have certain issues, then we can go forward to allow restoration to begin the healing work.

Last week, much of the physical restoration happened in the resort spa.

This was the first time since the attack and since my illnesses that I had gone for massage…something I firmly believe in.

It is well documented that we all carry stress inside of our bodies and a good massage therapist can detect it immediately.

I actually went for two massages last week.  The first therapist found stress in my neck, shoulders and feet.

That was a much, much needed 80 minute massage.  She worked on huge knots that were painful, but had to go.

It was so revitalizing that I went for a second 50 minute massage before I left.  Mr. B got three on the beach under umbrellas.

I immediately experienced new strength and energy after the massages, a facial, time in the saunas, and heated relaxing pools.

The spa recommended three products that I enjoyed and may continue to use at home, I could see the results, smell the aromas, and feel the refreshment:

The Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream

Espresso Limon Slimming Oil

Eye Cream

destination Cabo

I firmly believe this trip, destination Cabo, restored better health for me and a resolve to keep myself healthy throughout the year ahead.

This was an active trip…a lot of walking, stair climbing, time in the lovely resort gym, and healthy eating…except for a dessert or two along the way.

Destination Cabo lived the healthy lifestyle I so want to live in my own city….and I am inspired more than ever to keep it going.

I felt like my body was yelling…YES, YES, YES!


destination cabo

Destination Cabo fit right in with my 2023 Word of the Year…TODAY.

Each day brought new strength, new thoughts, new inspiration for the blog community and myself.

As Ann Margaret sang in Bye Bye Birdie...we’ve got a lot of living to do!

I read two books over seven days…and will share more about that later, as well as share more details of the trip. 

Inspiration from observing women in our age groups, and pondering what I read, refocused so much of my thinking with the blog and I plan for you to see it reflected in the content.

Destination Cabo was the perfect place to refocus and consider new ways of looking at aging and this incredible time of life. 

destination Cabo

It is true what so many of you say and so many others ….taking time off and taking care of ourselves is vitally important….especially for those of us not completely retired yet.

Destination Cabo to refresh, restore and refocus has been revitalizing and I am beyond ready to go forward ….there’s a fun new future ahead.

Tomorrow (on Fashion Friday) I will take you shopping Cabo with me….I came home with a small amount that I am excited about.

In the top photo today with Mr. B, I am wearing a very old Eileen Fisher tunic as a swimwear cover up.  My old swimsuit is black…time for a new one.

The tunic is very sheer and did a great job for this purpose on the trip. 

I put my red Aetrex flip flops to the test and am here to say that they are great for a trip that includes much walking.  I wore them more than anything else for destination Cabo.

You can find these on me in the first picture and here for more consideration:

Aetrex on Amazon

Aetrex at Dillard’s…just type Aetrex Sandals into the search bar when you get to Dillard’s with my link.

Thank you so much for all of the encouraging and helpful comments in the past week…this audience continues to bless and amaze me with your compassion and knowledge.

Please leave any thoughts on my first destination Cabo post…and I hope to see you tomorrow….until then, join me as we…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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destination Cabo

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