Fashion Friday: What I Wore

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what I wore

And it is Friday!!  Welcome to this blog and to see Fashion Friday: What I Wore

I have been told by some of you that you desire to see regular outfits I wear during the week…so today I feature one of those in what I wore.

Let me clarify something, some have been confused as to why there are pictures where bloggers are holding a phone.

That happens when we are standing in front of a mirror…at home, in a dressing room, etc…and taking our own pictures.

The reflection in the mirror will show the phone.

This is my dining room where I have a wall to wall mirror.

I hope that clarifies it for you.

So, let’s get this Fashion Friday going…..


what I wore

This outfit is what I wore on Tuesday when I had two back-to-back medical appointments on my calendar.

I really do have a strategy when deciding what to wear to doctor’s appointments.

This entire outfit has been in my wardrobe for a long time.

My first appointment was an annual checkup, the second was for monthly allergy shots.

When going for the annual, I always wear light clothing, and easy on off footwear for the weigh-In…hoping to avoid the talk about my weight.

I also select to wear a topper with a sleeveless top for easy access to receive shots in the arm.

These pieces include a Chico’s Traveler’s elephant gray jacket; a terra cotta sleeveless top (found at Marshall’s); black Joan Vaas leggings (Marshall’s); and Aerosole slides.

what I wore

These slides are great for hammer toes…lots of room…perfect for easy on and off at the doctor’s office. (and the airport!)

Here are similar options on the slides:


what I wore

Have you received the new series shot to prevent Shingles.

I have had several friends who suffered with shingles…and it is painful and brutal.

So, though I received one shot when I was 60, I agreed to the new series and took the first shot.

I think the shot is important, but let me warn you to prepare for side effects.

I was in bed 24 hours feeling like I had a virus…and my arm hurt worse than with any other shot.

The second shot is said to have the same side effects, so I will prepare for that better the next time.

As always, talk to your personal medical professional before making any decisions.

Back to clothing…recently a reader asked me for more options in “elephant (dark) gray” which is a color in the autumn palette.

Here are some items currently available that I found:

what I wore

Thanks for joining me today for Fashion Friday: What I Wore.  I hope these types of posts are helpful for you…to go through my process when I am dressing for a particular task.

Thanks for being here…and I hope to see you tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT…..


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what I wore

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